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What is your spiritual compass directing your awareness to here and now?

From “File Clerk” to “Spiritual Compass”
Whether your perspective is primarily that of a client or of a practitioner, in the interests of forwarding your goals for successful sessions, it is absolutely essential that you understand the principles and functions of what is called “the file clerk”.
Here are some excerpts from the definitions of “File Clerk” in the Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary:
• “Auditors could get instant or ‘flash’ answers direct from the file clerk to aid in contacting incidents”
• “A response mechanism which is instantaneous”
In practice, there are two ways to use the “file clerk:”
1. To ask, in any number of ways, to determine, and bring to conscious inspection and expression the spiritually oppressive material that, here and now, is most relevant, in terms of dominating the being’s consciousness.
• “Get the incident necessary to resolve the case” (1950 Dianetics)
• “Tell me an existing condition” (Power Processing)
• “Is there anything on your mind since the last session?” (I might ask a variation of this in starting any session with two-way communication.)
2. To direct the client to focus on the subject or material that has been predetermined for the client, as the next step in a preplanned sequence of processes.
• “Recall another being critical of you” (“A Useful Process”)
• “Get the idea of something being worrisome” (“Worry Process”)
• “Have you ever committed adultery?” (Johannesburg Confessional List)
There is a distinct difference between the two approaches. In the first, the “file clerk” is invited to direct, or point to, the material to address with processing. In the latter, the “file clerk” is directed to find and retrieve the specific type of material specified in the command.
The term “file clerk” seems appropriate in the context of something to command to direct awareness to some specific material, which has been chosen by someone other then the client (the second use above). A “clerk” is a more subservient function, subject to orders.
But for the first use, I think that “file clerk” is ill-fitting.
I am not alone in observing that processing what is manifesting for the being here and now is what largely produces the most relevant and meaningful gains: the enlightenment and empowerment that most matters to the client. This approach (#1) above is what is so winningly employed in such dramatically effective techniques as Power Processing, and the “Get the incident necessary to resolve the case,” approach of circa 1950 Dianetics. That is the general approach that, I (and others) have evolved in the direction of, to our clients’ delight, over decades of study, practice, research, and more practice.
In this approach, we do not treat this magnificent attribute and resource as something to be micromanaged and told where to go. Instead, we recognize that what we have here is a wonderful, infallible spiritual compass that, unless forced elsewhere, will point us in the exact direction of the accessible material that most directly opposes the being’s own goals and aspirations.
And so, in this approach, it would be unconscionable to waste or minimize the value of this most important resource. Imposing restrictive directions on it can get in the way of the resurgence of the godlike spiritual being within the client; we recognize the great value of following, instead of leading the being’s spiritual compass.
It could be said that the most complete definition of the Scientology term “bypassing charge” is to force one’s attention toward anything other than what is presently manifesting as a concern or interest for the client.
And, rather than resorting to a term that is not so stepped in the specialized language of Scientology, and all the indoctrination therein, let’s simply refer to this relative misdirection as “Violating the client’s spiritual compass”.
The term “file clerk” will continue to be appropriate for processing that specifies what case material the client is to address. Done skillfully and when appropriate, case gain will occur.
However, I suggest that when Power Processing, and other “Get the incident necessary to resolve the case”-type techniques and approaches are used, that we use the term, “Spiritual Compass.”
One could start a session with, “Is there anything in particular that your Spiritual Compass is pointing toward here and now?” to get anything that is manifesting, and proceed to process it appropriately.
Love, Dex

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