Resolving and Relieving Undesirable Feelings and Conditions

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It is not uncommon at all to feel we are enveloped in a “bad energy cloud” of uncomfortable feelings. The bad feelings of the unwanted energies of traumatic experiences arise with us, and permeate our consciousness at times, or even, what seems to be, all of time.

Our natural reaction is to resist those energies of pain, depression, fear, shock and the like. Bad things happen in life, and they happen with a speed and force that overwhelms and dominates your state of mind. And so you mentally, spiritually “push back” with whatever energy you can muster, put effort into changing your focus, think of something else, fight the feeling with another feeling, do something to try to put yourself in another place, figuratively and/or literally, you try to “solve” what happened, all to varying degrees of transient success or failure.

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And usually, in the moment when such things happen, it is incumbent on you to resist, push it to the side to the best of your ability, to carry on in the moment to get through your day, and accomplish whatever you need to at the time.

But resisting the energies that build up within you actually creates an impasse that maintains those feelings, to varying degrees of background and foreground in your mind. You are generating force against force, and that is what follows.

Ultimately, to accomplish full and actual relief, you must find a way to accept and process the energies that are the persisting bad feelings accumulated through the traumatic experiences of your life continuum.

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Easier said than done, it would seem, right? Because if it was that easy, you would have done so when things happened. But it actually can be done, there’s a little more to it than that.

You are endowed with a spiritual compass, a quality of your essential self. One of the aspects of your spiritual compass is it can, in appropriate context of a therapeutic spiritual counseling session, pass to and through you the negative energies of your painful experience at the perfect rate of flow for your digesting of them. With good (and minimal) expert guidance, the relief this brings can be a life changing spiritual liberation.

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From there, one can then go deeper, to resolve how and why it is that we can attract the conditions of our individual “chronic bad energy clouds”. It happens as follows:

Sometimes something devastating overwhelms us with fear and pain, and/or other related “bad energy” feelings. We often live in chronic conditions of emotional discomfort, such as anxieties, fears, paralyzing depression, feelings that leave us in state of dysfunction, of inability to comfortably connect with others, to do simple tasks and functions, or be in environments or situations that otherwise wouldn’t or shouldn’t be very challenging.

I have and use a relatively simple technique that very surprisingly, serves to resolve such a condition. My Resolution Technique is remarkably effective in relieving such conditions. Once you experience this, you will have appreciation for how much change is really possible for you!

Next, in being overloaded with more pain than you can bear, you may take on a personality relating to that experience, a personality that identifies with, and is identified by that traumatic experience. In effect, you become, for example, “the person who is crippled and wounded” with whatever the effects of the condition brought on by that incident were. And once you become that, you are stuck with that as a chronic condition.

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“The person who is crippled and wounded”, then, having assumed that as an identity, must then maintain itself as that, just as any person must do whatever it takes to survive, which is to say that any persona, once assumed, is driven to attract, create, provoke, or even fabricate continuing to have those same kind of experiences that define that identity. “The Person who is Crippled and Wounded” will chronically be wearing “being crippled and wounded”; things will somehow keep happening to them that are of that character, and/or they will exaggerate or outright fabricate circumstances so as to give that “crippled and wounded” impression, and this, naturally enough, will keep them frequently immersed in the “bad energy cloud” of the conditions of fear, anxiety, pain, etc, that define that taken on persona.

And so, to resolve such things on a deeper level, one must have the means to deconstruct the personality that was taken on through the related traumatic experience. In Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling, such a means is readily available, and it is what we call “False ‘Me’ Deconstruction”.

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There is another way that we become encumbered in a crippling “self” that is not who we really are, and that is through what others project onto us. It is remarkably liberating and relieving to rid yourself of this type of “false me”, and this is accomplished through the technique I have named “Personality Image Projection Technique”.

And then there are the more extreme and severe bad energy clouds, resulting from the most extreme and severe traumatic experiences, the “moment of shock”. These incidents pack such a strong punch, compressed into a singular particle of time, as to have the effect of collapsing and freezing you in that supremely stressful and overwhelming moment. Your moments of shock, once they come into existence, stay with you and generate an ever-present background anxiety.

Releasing the powerful compressed energy of a moment of shock brings about magnificent relief, and this is reliably accomplished through application of the aptly named Moment of Shock Release Technique. It results in a true and joyful spiritual liberation that is not attainable through any other known means.

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The other essential type of spiritual architecture present in various manifestations for all of us is the Stubbornly Held Protective Attitude, or SHPA. The SHPA is an idea and attitude that one uses as a shield to try to protect oneself from the pain and fear of a bad energy cloud of the traumatic experience of some type. Unfortunately, in setting these in place for protection, we are then driven to self-sabotaging and antisocial behaviors, and, more directly, holding in place a barrier from the energies of the pain and fear, thus making these bad energy clouds not accessible to be otherwise digested away through the techniques of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling. When you seem to have successfully processed and digested some bad energy cloud of pain and fear, but then it reappears, that doesn’t mean the work was unsuccessful; it means that we have encountered one of your Stubbornly Held Protective Attitudes, that in effect demands that the bad energy cloud stay where it is. When one of your SHPA’s manifests thusly, it is an opportunity to resolve it, through use of the Stubbornly Held Protective Attitude (resolving) technique.

While there are one or two other negative spiritual architectures, these are relatively rare, but they are known, and the techniques for these can also be found in Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling.


6 Responses to Resolving and Relieving Undesirable Feelings and Conditions

  • Once again I am strongly reacting to the written content you offer with a strong sense that you both know what you are about and can really give me some assistance. Just because I can tell that the things you say are true does not mean I no longer need processing.
    You often poignantly place emphasis on aspects which I heartily resonate with. What do I need to do to get some auditing?

  • I look up to Dex, he’s one of the most eminent in this field. I loved your talks on youtube about theory and so on, so I look forward to seeing more some day. Perhaps I’ll look forward to having some sessions.

  • Great my identities are sticking to me on the 2D area. It is like peter pan flying around. Like I’ll never grow up with anyone ever feeling. .
    When i find someone i connect with it is for usery of the body and nothing else. Even read the rules and have been playing by them . But it seems so rote .
    In the rules book it says when someone dumps you or rejects you after you let them use you you can just continue to go to the dances and start a new without a thought in your mind. Doesnt happen like that rejection is a key in.
    We are living in an aberrated world where Melia Trump is what we aspire to to get a man to love us. And if they arehanicapped they will love us and want to us to take care of them. This is the situation I am confronted with and the ability to to get that attachment throuigh this identity troubles me. Matter of fact my whole time in Scientology I wanted to handle this even before Scientology. But I was told that I had to be )t7 before this would handle, this is what I was told in Ethics

  • I’m experiencing such a renewed interest in spiritual processing thanks to Dex. The view available from here is stable and clear. I now see the secrets, unnecessary actions, and rigid sequence of another practice as just that – another practice. Thank you making the tech simple and available for those who knew there had to be a better way.

    • Thanks for the kind appreciation Paul, it is always gratifying to see that my purposes and efforts are achieved and recognized!

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"I’m still blowing off today! Whew! Its amazing how much power charge has. it can freeze one in time and make one feel so occupied by fighting the charge that one has no energy left to do the things they want or need to do. I have new energy and want to get involved in projects again."
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