“I feel light sensations, deep calm, and immense gratitude!”

JJ has spent decades engaged in spiritual practices that some of you may be familiar with. He had this to share after his most recent session with me:

Dex, I’m in awe of your depth and clarity, your spiritual intuitive know-how! Absolutely brilliant! I feel light sensations, deep calm, and immense gratitude! Thanks, Dex!

“I am recovered”

Life energy goes through various shocks of smaller or bigger magnitude. Life energy diminishes with every such experience. It becomes drag. I was going through that phase of life when I contacted Dexter.
After going through the process of recovering myself from underneath of layers of such shocks. I am recovered.
Life energy regained and it is stable. I will like to dive in again and again to get more out of the “experience” called “life time”.
Thank you Dexter for helping me give a fresh look and enhancing my ability to experience more and more.


“I deeply appreciate the transformation that has happened”

Hi Dex
The focus of my recent sessions with you has been to handle the unconscious replication of an identity that has been affecting all aspects of my life, particularly my relationships. I was able to realize that this identity was self envisioned under the guise of keeping me safe. With your guidance, I permeated this identity at the point I originally created it. As I did this, I watched the identity dissolve until there was only a residue of the energy signature remaining. Had I been doing this alone, I would have stopped at this point, believing it would continue to unfold to completion. You encouraged me to keep permeating. Holding this focus, I observed the energy signature shear off into gold particles and beams of gold light and come into my body. Just allowing it to happen, I noticed my heart expand and turn gold. As this continued my awareness expanded effortlessly. There were no edges to my awareness. I felt very serene and joyful, connected to everything, everywhere. In that moment I connected to my core serenity. Very beautiful 🙂  I realized that this presence is always there, always available. Separation is an illusion. It also takes a lot of effort to hold separation and isn’t much fun! Actually, it’s boring.
Thank you for your loving presence, wisdom, and delicious sense of humor. I deeply appreciate the transformation that has happened and am so enjoying connecting with my core serenity. I am now playing a bigger game of expanded awareness.

Lasting changes, a report years after his sessions with Dex

I received this message from someone who had sessions with me 2-1/2 years ago:

“Hi Dex, I continue to be free of old attitudes and stuck ideas that caused so much upset in my life previously. Keep up with the work you’re doing, I’m looking forward to your book!”

” I feel as though Dex is giving me my life back.”

Hey Dex,
Just wanted to share some realizations I have had since session:
I feel so much lighter and freer. My thoughts are my own now.
Those energies and negative emotions about who I am are starting to dissipate and go away.
I used to feel like I owed people (and the world) something. I realize now that I don’t.
I can be more myself than I ever felt like I had that right to be. It is OK to be me.
This is so personal to me. I feel like I am on the edge of a new adventure, the adventure of me.
No one owns me now. I can be much more productive and happy from this viewpoint.
I feel as though Dex is giving me my life back.
Thanks Dex

“This was the greatest session because it was life-changing.”

This was the greatest session because it was life-changing. I realized that I was always worried about the ability to have things, and so I kept on doing everything to have. But instead, it was me that was missing, my basic personality, my sense and presence of myself- I couldn’t be me! I felt I had to constantly put out an effort to avoid being attacked by others. I was always in confusion.

Then after just a few sessions with Dex, I felt all the effort melt away. I was no longer worried about having money. I knew that by just being me I could do and have anything I wanted. I knew I could naturally get along with others and that they would be able to see me, that I was no longer a threat to them. I am a natural health field practitioner, and I know how easily I can help and direct anyone in my work and life without resentment and fear of losing them as friends and coworkers, as well as, in the near future, the next great love of my life and all my loved ones.

“I’m taking up interests that had been hanging fire for years-What a tragedy it would have been if I missed this opportunity to work with you!”

Thank you so much Dex, my empathy has increased one thousand percent, and my communication is cleaner and more genuine. My emotions are more on the surface. I’ve connected with the local homeless association, I’ve become much more generous, I’m more engaged in life, I’m more part of the world- my wins just go on and on. I’m taking up interests that had been hanging fire for years, playing guitar, working again. My wife tells me I’m taking more responsibility, and our home life is better. You find out what people need and you provide it. What a tragedy it would have been if I missed this opportunity to work with you! All is well!