“The key is Dexter’s simplicity. He strikes right to the core”

I have had two counseling sessions with Dexter.

The gains I’ve had from these two hours actually compare to the
gains I got from OT8 – which was also life-changing.

The key is Dexter’s simplicity. He strikes right to the core
of any issue at hand. No beating around the bush, no complex
methodology, gadgets or loops or hoops. Just direct processing
of what comes up.

Thank you Dex.
Geir Isene

“I feel so much more prepared to take on life and its challenges”

I am so thankful for the work that I’ve invested in sessions with Dex Gelfand these last few months. I came to him scared and irresponsible, but after the Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling I’ve participated in thus far, I feel so much more prepared to take on life and its challenges.

I am quite surprised by the efficacy of this work. I came to Dex expecting to work on one set of problems, but being lead by my Spiritual Compass, steadily addressed whatever came up, and learned more about a lot of other areas of myself too.

As I prepare to head into a new chapter in life, different from what I might have foreseen even just a few short months ago, I am confident that I can do so boldly with fewer hindrances as a result of Sessions with Dex.

Thank you, Dex!

“I love how your techniques are simple and gentle yet so effective and deep acting.”

I want to say a huge ‘thank you’, Dex, for all that we’ve done in our sessions together. Therapeutic Spiritual Counselling has enabled me to quickly and easily resolve issues that years of self-help and other therapies, techniques, workshops and transformational courses weren’t able to fully address. I love how your techniques are simple and gentle yet so effective and deep acting. You have enabled me to overcome chronic personal blocks, to heal some difficult relationships, and to move forward in a new direction with my work that has eluded me for years. I feel like I can now sell the vast library of personal growth books that I’ve amassed over the years, as Therapeutic Spiritual Counselling has made them all redundant! Thanks again, Dex, for who you are and what you do.

S.R., United Kingdom, July 2019

“I feel like I’ve found the Holy Grail of therapeutic techniques”

I’m so impressed with, and grateful for, the training/mentoring I’ve received from Dex in his Therapeutic Spiritual Counselling techniques. I’ve worked in the field of personal growth facilitation for several years and have studied numerous techniques and modalities, and I have to say that Dex’s techniques are superb. Therapeutic Spiritual Counselling works extremely well and it reaches a level that other techniques I’ve been using couldn’t. I’m familiar with the concepts used in the techniques, so I can really appreciate how skillfully and thoughtfully Dex has developed and honed his techniques into processes that are so elegant and easy to use, yet so effective and deep acting. I feel like I’ve found the Holy Grail of therapeutic techniques, which I’ve been seeking for a long time, and I’m delighted to be able to better serve my clients now that I’ve learned these techniques. Thank you Dex!

S.R., United Kingdom, July 2019

“A completely new world is opening up in front of me, it’s a dreamlike feeling!”

Everything in life is a work in progress, as long as you aspire to greater heights, as we all naturally should. I find great joy and satisfaction in experiencing how as I continue to evolve to be able to do more for my participants, they are clearly reaping the benefits, and reveling in their achievements. It’s a beautiful thing!

Here’s what AM had to express a few days ago:

“Many things are changing in my universe, fast! A completely new world is opening up in front of me, it’s a dreamlike feeling! I feel a lightness now, and I’ve lost interest in criticizing other people. Thanks Dex!”

A.M., July 2019

“This is what I’d hoped for, but never thought would be achievable for me!”

Like all my participants, TG had specific things he’d been hoping to accomplish through our sessions. That’s what Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling is intended to provide: whatever the participant is seeking to accomplish. He had this to express after his latest session:

“This is what I’d hoped for, but never thought would be achievable for me! Fantastic! I’m excited and looking forward to living life and seeing things anew, thanks Dex!”
T.G., July 2019

Finally, free of those moments of shock

You are right that those moments of shock did not leave us even after so long, and spending so many hours spent in sessions before working with you. After sessions with you I had closure on them.
Thank you for persisting with what you believed in.
AM, June 2019

“The wins are out of this world!”

“The wins are out of this world! I’m enjoying a new perspective. I understood how my body is a mechanism and I am the magic. It is still being articulated for me on various levels…To be continued. Thanks Dex!”

“The gains are beyond anything you could even imagine”

I have worked with Dex before and have received nothing short of awesome results. It has been a few years and I finally decided to work on a major ruin in my life. I felt that if I could handle this one thing that things would be so much better.

But the joke was on me. What I perceived as my “big” problem was nothing more than a pimple on the body of much bigger issues… much more than I could have imagined. Things were moving so fast that I wasn’t able to communicate about them. Thankfully Dex understood and was with me all the way. I would tell you more about what happened, but I don’t understand most of it. It just flew by and left. So quick.. so sure.. so gone.

In my last session I felt that there was nothing else to handle, but Dex ran me on a closing procedure… which slammed right into a challenge I was having and polished a huge gain from just a few days back. It is so hard to explain what happened. You just need to open up and experience it yourself. Please believe me… you are so worth it and the gains are beyond anything you could even imagine.

Just get one session… and it is free… and you will see what I mean.

LD, July 2019

“Damn. It’s amazing how effective Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling has been”

“Damn. It’s amazing how effective Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling has been in helping me to achieve clear goals which I am setting for myself in the area of work life. While I am still fairly young (in my mid-30s) I have experienced about 10 years of choppy professional history-being fired, laid off, seeing my position “be eliminated”, and more.

When I was put on my fourth action plan in my professional career, I decided to take it to Dex, although my motivations for coming to him lay elsewhere. While I’m not “out of the woods”, and off my plan, YET (!!!!) we have been doing great work in clearing along the way!

Earlier this week, about five days out from a big goal, I was feeling discouraged. All of my Stubbornly Held Protective Attitudes were tearing their head. Dex graciously scheduled me at the last minute (not something I would normally ask my professor to do!!) and we worked on what was presenting for about two hours. I felt much better, and was able to keep going at work.

Today, a SATURDAY, I am in the office after think I’d failed to realize my goals. I had miscounted and made one other small error – I have SURPASSED my goal, even after being thrown a bit of a curve ball at the end of the week on Friday.

Thanks, Dex. I look forward to reporting back when this action plan is completed …. and gone for GOOD!!!  Thank you!”