Therapeutic spiritual counseling: I’m here when you need me.

We all have our moments when we could really use some help, some support, some relief, someone to help us weather the storm, and emerge whole, and even enriched from the challenge of the experience. That’s something I’m good at. My participant JD wanted to communicate the following to me after such a passage: “Dex, thank you so much for being there at this juncture in my life. I’m lucky to know you. Now I definitely feel empowered.”

JD, March 2022

“I feel as light as a thought”

One of the more beautiful expressions of spiritual liberation from my client JJ after his session: “I feel as light as a thought”.

That is a wonderful recognition of one’s true self. This is the kind of thing that my work is all about.

Love, Dex

Victor: “In this short session, there’s been a dramatic change.”

Regardless of how usual this is, its always a wonderful feeling to see the work pay off so well for my treasured participants. Victor has come a long way out of a dark place and toward his aspirations for his state of existence. He had this to share today after our session:

“In this short session, there’s been a dramatic change. I feel more calmly present. A whole mountain has been dealt with. I got the sense that all this time, people have been very patient with me. A big dramatic bonus is that all the second guessing I’d been doing, that was inhibiting me from saying something, doesn’t feel like its in me anymore.”

“Something major has happened! … This completely exceeds my expectations, far beyond what I was hoping for!”

My participant GG came to me after his time spent in another spiritually oriented self-improvement practice left him entangled in a very uncomfortable state of mind. He had this to share after today’s session:

“Something major has happened! I was worried that I’d be stuck in that anxiety forever, and now I’ve gained some kind of power over this issue-it doesn’t seem overwhelming anymore! I feel free from those situations of the past, I feel peace and calm..it’s dawning on me that what happened today in this session is really significant.
This completely exceeds my expectations, that I could reach this state, a new plateau altogether, far beyond what I was hoping for!”

It will be my pleasure to help you to accomplish similar success.

Best, Dex

Panic attacks eliminated-“I didn’t anticipate this happening at all, certainly not this quickly!”

I find myself in the position of guiding a person to relief from chronic anxiety fairly often, sometimes exacerbated by failed attempts to seek relief with other types of sessions, as it was with B.A., a recent new client. B.A. had this to share with me today:

“Dex, the last session was really good, actually eliminated all my panic attacks-I can’t see them happening anymore! I feel calm, I feel I can make plans for my future. This changes my outlook on everything.
I didn’t anticipate this happening at all, and certainly not this quickly!
B.A., May 2021

“A very unexpected but welcome change.”

I always tell everyone who is working with me that they are welcome to share any observations or ask questions by message or email anytime they’d like, that they don’t have to sit on any thoughts until the next session. It’s good to recognize and acknowledge the progressive changes that occur along the way. B.A. recently began having sessions with me, and sent me this message this morning:
“Hi Dexter, I recently am noticing that I am less self-conscious when around strangers. A very unexpected but welcome change.”