Victor: “In this short session, there’s been a dramatic change.”

Regardless of how usual this is, its always a wonderful feeling to see the work pay off so well for my treasured participants. Victor has come a long way out of a dark place and toward his aspirations for his state of existence. He had this to share today after our session:

“In this short session, there’s been a dramatic change. I feel more calmly present. A whole mountain has been dealt with. I got the sense that all this time, people have been very patient with me. A big dramatic bonus is that all the second guessing I’d been doing, that was inhibiting me from saying something, doesn’t feel like its in me anymore.”

“Finally, I feel free of the negative aspects of my Scientology sessions”

I often have the opportunity to help people to shed the detrimental effects of having undergone processing sessions in Scientology and related groups. Frequently such clients are merely seeking to accomplish what these groups promised and then disappointingly failed to deliver, usually after having invested large portions of their lives and substantial amounts of money, and gradually come to realize how invested they’d become in unhealthy attitudes. Some of them, like M.G., come to me specifically to relieve themselves of crippling detrimental effects,

M.G. had this to share today:

“Finally now it’s all calmed down, all the disturbing feelings I accumulated in having been doing Scientology for so long, undoing all that was wrong with all the auditing I did. Finally, peace of mind, I feel free from all the negative aspects. I’ve definitely been noticing how much more at ease I am in dealing with people, this is just what I wanted, it’s a profound change!

M.G., November 2021


“Something major has happened! … This completely exceeds my expectations, far beyond what I was hoping for!”

My participant GG came to me after his time spent in another spiritually oriented self-improvement practice left him entangled in a very uncomfortable state of mind. He had this to share after today’s session:

“Something major has happened! I was worried that I’d be stuck in that anxiety forever, and now I’ve gained some kind of power over this issue-it doesn’t seem overwhelming anymore! I feel free from those situations of the past, I feel peace and calm..it’s dawning on me that what happened today in this session is really significant.
This completely exceeds my expectations, that I could reach this state, a new plateau altogether, far beyond what I was hoping for!”

It will be my pleasure to help you to accomplish similar success.

Best, Dex

Panic attacks eliminated-“I didn’t anticipate this happening at all, certainly not this quickly!”

I find myself in the position of guiding a person to relief from chronic anxiety fairly often, sometimes exacerbated by failed attempts to seek relief with other types of sessions, as it was with B.A., a recent new client. B.A. had this to share with me today:

Dex, the last session was really good, actually eliminated all my panic attacks-I can’t see them happening anymore! I feel calm, I feel I can make plans for my future. This changes my outlook on everything.
I didn’t anticipate this happening at all, and certainly not this quickly!
B.A., May 2021

“A very unexpected but welcome change.”

I always tell everyone who is working with me that they are welcome to share any observations or ask questions by message or email anytime they’d like, that they don’t have to sit on any thoughts until the next session. It’s good to recognize and acknowledge the progressive changes that occur along the way. B.A. recently began having sessions with me, and sent me this message this morning:
“Hi Dexter, I recently am noticing that I am less self-conscious when around strangers. A very unexpected but welcome change.”

“What seemed like a mountain…”

T.D. Is a new client who had invested time and money in other paradigms known to many of us before arriving with me in his seeking relief from some longstanding issues. Yesterday TD had his first session with me, and this morning he sent me this message:

“I just wanted to say that the results of our first session far exceeded my expectations. What seemed like a mountain has now become a hill.” (TD, April 2021).

Thank you, my new friend, this is what I do, and this is what I’m here for.

Love, Dex


AJ: “…very healing, insightful and restorative.  I continue to learn and benefit with Dexter from his methods and kind, mindful presence.”

AJ is one of my clients currently engaged in both counseling sessions and mentoring as a practitioner with me. He has this to share:
“The sessions that I have experienced with Dexter Gelfand have been very healing, insightful and restorative.  I continue to learn and benefit with Dexter from his methods and kind, mindful presence.  Indeed, I have explored many therapeutic approaches and appreciate the depth of knowledge and understanding Dexter has based on decades of research and helping clients to change.  I am looking forward to continuing to learn with Dex.”

“I’m feeling a difference day by day following the sessions with you”

S.G. has begun sessions with me, as well as training with me as a practitioner, and shared this message:
Hi Dex,
Thank you for the additional materials and for the great work you do.
I feel really good today and feeling a difference day by day following the sessions with you.
May you and your life be blessed!
Thank you, S.G.

“Learning and running the Spiritual Digestion technique has been one of the largest wins I’ve ever had”

Quite a few people have been through the Scientology experience, taking what they could and then distancing from all the unfortunate cultish trappings and the disappointments of what didn’t work out as hoped or expected.
Many of these found Alan Walter’s Knowledgism a step up, with less of a cult enforcement environment, and more advanced processes.
Then, in turn, quite a few of these seekers then found their way to therapeutic spiritual counseling and sessions with Dex, having their goals fulfilled and being happily impressed with the insights, the effectiveness and the simplicity of the work.
G.P. is one such participant. Besides his forays into those paradigms as a participant, he’s also been an experienced practitioner of Knowledgism.  G.P. has come to me to be trained and mentored in therapeutic spiritual counseling. We have recently begun his training, and this is what G.P. has to say:
“Learning and running the Spiritual Digestion technique has been one of the largest wins I’ve ever had, not a win from running something specific, but a win from what it means for my future having gained this ability to honor my Spiritual Compass and digest what comes to view, as Dex said, a future of accepting life instead of resisting it.
I understood the fact that there are no random thoughts whenever I am addressing anything. This opened the door to resolving feelings and conditions in my life that I hadn’t been able to resolve with other approaches, especially because I was given the freedom to express whatever my spiritual compass came with, instead of being bogged down with questions from a script, filled with must’s and supposed to’s or constrained by a specific philosophy.
Using the spiritual digestion technique, my partner and I have successfully handled things that in our previous experiences would have been considered “too high level” for us, making for fear to take these things on. We decided to ditch those characterizations, and now we decide for ourselves what we can handle. And the Spiritual Compass never fails to present the precise thing that is there for us to resolve and thus upgrade our life.
There is incredible freedom in this approach and also a BIG increase in my sovereignty, as the one doing most of the job is ME, I just need someone whom I can sit down with, and who can give me space and safety to voice my thoughts and feelings as they come, and guide when necessary to resolve whatever has come up. It’s fun and what you learn about yourself by doing it is invaluable.
A very unique feature about this approach is that you don’t need to subscribe to a whole philosophy or system to be able to benefit from it, it can be united with anything you are doing or with any system you already work with. Being someone who has studied many systems or philosophies, I can say that not many techniques have this feature.
I hope many others will take the opportunity to benefit from this.

Thank you Dexter!”

G. P.

This is what happened in Sandra’s free initial session.

Sometimes a colleague in the self-improvement/spiritual enlightenment/advancement field invites me to be the speaker for a program or seminar they host. This is how Sandra found me. She took advantage of my standing offer to grant everyone a free sample session with me. We addressed what was for her at that time the most prominent issue she’d been struggling with in her life in that session with great success.

The next day, Sandra was moved to send me a message about her first session experience with me:

“It was great working with you yesterday, I feel like I really handled my indecision on rightness and wrongness, and my refusal to accept opinions and actions that I deem are not right for me. I’m looking forward to working with you more!

Sandra D.