Newest good news testimonials of sessions with Dex, March 2023!

“This is beyond awesome Dex, I’m still blown away by not having that tired feeling!” (LJ)

(After the session procedure for resolving the feelings of something shocking) “It’s gone! And the chest pain is gone, I don’t even remember what we were processing anymore!” (KL)

“This was an incredible session Dex, I appreciate your expertise so much, now I can really have genuine love and intimacy” (JD)

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Love, Dex

“I have freedom, relief, the attitude I had is gone”

“Now I have a happier sensation, I’m human, I can make mistakes sometimes. I’ve let go of being obsessed with perfection, I can let myself be, forgive myself. I have freedom, relief, the attitude I had is gone. And thanks to your sessions, the out-of-control drinking is a thing of the past, in fact I haven’t had a drink in months!”

CG, February 2023

“It’s a great feeling, it’s such an improvement!”

Another client testimonial! “Now I won’t feel so defensive when I mess up or when somebody tells me how to do something that I don’t know. I can accept explanations and guidance, I can learn more now, not being so defensive! It’s a great feeling, it’s such an improvement! I’m so excited to keep improving getting better and better, I can’t wait to see who I am coming to be as I continue the sessions with you, thanks, Dex!”  (MB, January 2023)

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A few recent celebratory results for you to enjoy, and to inspire and encourage you to have your own sessions with Dex!

Sessions with Dex can give you the full embodiment of your own sense of who and what you’re meant to be, untangling from the difficult feelings and attitudes, from your internal oppositions to have the life you were meant to have. Here are a few recent celebratory results for you to enjoy, and to inspire and encourage you to have your own sessions with Dex:

“I’ve grown so much in this short time we’ve been having sessions! You got me to where I needed to go with your questions. I don’t have those old feelings anymore. I feel I’m a completely changed person since we started sessions. I thought I was going to need anti-depressants before I contacted you. It’s been a game-changer!” M.B., December 2022

“Since last session, strangers are coming up to me and talking!” S.A., December 2022

“Your book has really given me a perspective on life and human interaction which has helped me tremendously. I really love what you have put together, the simplicity and beauty of it. A truly masterful work. It has clarified many things for me.”
D.R., December 2022

“Immense shoulder pain” resolved- “That was pretty wild!”

When I recognized that feelings are energies, it opened the door to developing the spiritual digestion technique to resolve bad or unwanted feelings. Then I reasoned that this should work just as well on physical discomforts, being that these also are feelings, and therefore, energies that remain held in place undigested because of the opposing energies of our trying to resist such feelings. And this has proven out when I’ve guided my clients to apply the very same spiritual digestion technique on the occasions when they have a physical pain or discomfort.

A few days ago, my client A. D. complained of having “immense shoulder pain”, for which he was taking over the counter pain medication without much success. And so we applied spiritual digestion, after which that pain abated, in his words, “Much better, that was pretty wild!”.

A few days later, I followed up with A.D. to check on him, “How has your shoulder been since the session?”. He responded, “Hey Dex, honestly it’s been great!”

I think it would be very helpful for medical practitioners to make use of spiritual digestion with those patients who could benefit from this. If or when you’re suffering with physical pain or discomfort, you might want to see me for some help, just as you can for a painful or uncomfortable mental or emotional feeling.

“Much appreciation Dex, you are an exquisite conductor of sessions!”

C.N. Had invested time and money engaging in sessions in other practices before finding his way to me, and now he has been finding success and satisfaction through our sessions. After his latest session, he sent me this message:
“Much appreciation Dex, you are an exquisite conductor of sessions!”
C.N., September 2022

“This is so good, I’m literally crying tears of joy!…..Wow! Now I have love for myself!”

KM came to me having been suffering from a harsh, anxiety-ridden state of mind, desperate for relief. Now, after her latest session, she has this to say:

“This is so good, I’m literally crying tears of joy! I processed through having the feeling that I wasn’t a good person-wow! I didn’t even know I was doing that, something so heavy, and I didn’t even realize how much it was there! My heart feels lighter, God, I feel so much better. Now I have love for myself!”

KM, September 2022