For several years, I have been accumulating material to be published in a book, and now the work is about 90% complete, now I would like to share with you the first draft of the introduction:

Hello, and welcome to my vision and practice of what I call Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling. I hope you find it interesting, enlightening and useful. The basic premise: We all have our individual goals as people and spiritual beings, all of our problems are basically the oppositions and obstacles to our goals, and these can be understood and dismantled to achieve greater success and states of existence.

This book consists of three sections. In the first section, “The Spiritual Architectures of Our Minds”, I will articulate my observations on the various self-created mental mechanisms and the mechanics thereof; the second section, “My Philosophical Approach to Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling”, outlines what I have found to be the essential principles of effectively counseling others so as to empower them successfully; in the third section, “Techniques of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling”, I will provide you with the currently developed procedures that have proven over many hours of application to be very successful in getting the results that my clients come to me seeking, whatever they may be.

As with everything in life, the techniques of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling will always be a work in progress, for there is always the possibility, or perhaps probability of new discoveries that improve both the efficiency and the range of what is possible to achieve. And so, the evolution continues; while there is no such thing as perfection in any field of endeavor, we can always aspire and work in that direction. And so, the techniques in the third section are subject to new discoveries and improvements, albeit in their current form, these techniques routinely achieve results for people that they only hoped would be possible.

You may find that some statements in this book will resonate with you, while other statements herein may not, and there is nothing wrong with that. I believe that it is very important, with any paradigm or body of information, that we judge each individual idea on its own merits, as we individually see them. Any imposed or preconceived idea that all of the information is to be either accepted or rejected is, at best, lazy thinking, and is no way to honestly learn. To quote Sir Joshua Reynolds, an influential eighteenth-century English painter, “There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the real labor of thinking.” We would all be well advised to bear this in mind when reading anything of interest. That being said, thank you for your interest in this book and the subject of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling. I hope you find it personally inspiring!

With love,
Dexter Gelfand


PS- Newsflash, March 21, 2017- The working title:

“Honoring Your Spiritual Compass:
Realizing full expression of self through the natural laws of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling”


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"My ideas of granting beingness are changing, and I’m becoming a lot more aware of other people as beings. Granting beingness to others is, looking back at it, possibly one of my biggest problem areas in this lifetime. I’m still sorting through that, but it’s got a lot of potential. "I’m having a lot more comfort in communication cycles, and paying more attention to them. Not necessarily running them better all the time, but definitely seeing them."
"I’m still blowing off today! Whew! Its amazing how much power charge has. it can freeze one in time and make one feel so occupied by fighting the charge that one has no energy left to do the things they want or need to do. I have new energy and want to get involved in projects again."
"I feel energized, I can’t wait to create. Knowing my unlimited power, I will use it for good. I will have fun. I will postulate into existence whatever it is I want to do because it will be good. It will not harm. And, it will include others who are of the same mindset. Thanks so much to my wonderful auditor, Dexter. I don’t think I’ve ever been this stable before."
"I felt totally duplicated for the first time in AGES—no more sec checks, no more crazy wrong actions, no more endless correction lists that don’t read nor wrong indications. Dexter’s not interested in ‘stats’ or ‘getting people up the Bridge’ (because you see, that was always the false promise that was made to me, just do the next action THEN you’ll get your case handled). Dexter just knows how to get a real product."
Trained, interned and experienced Graduate level V, Power Processing Specialist, Specializing in advanced custom-tailored processing techniques for your particular spiritual, emotional and physiological conditions, needs, wants, interests and aspirations. Services include:
  • Case repair
  • Repair of previous auditing
  • Resurgence of earlier gains
  • Unhandled case items
  • Unaccomplished auditing goals
“Raise your expectations, do not compromise!”