Honoring Your Spiritual Compass (e-book)



What if there was a way you could learn to make yourself and your world as they should be? Would you do it?

Introducing the New Book by Dexter Gelfand:

Honoring Your Spiritual Compass: Achieving Greater Self-Realization Through the Natural Laws of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling

Honoring Your Spiritual Compass is the first book of its kind that will help readers find their spiritual compass and create a plan for living an authentic, meaningful, and successful life. It’s designed to be used as a self-help guide full of practical daily processes.

With this book, you will learn how to identify your values and goals in order to make decisions that are right for you. You will also learn how to set achievable goals while honoring your spiritual needs.

This book is perfect for anyone who wants more out of their life but doesn’t know where or how they should start looking. It’s filled with practical exercises that will show you what it means to honor yourself spiritually so that you can live authentically every day of your life!

*This is a digital download PDF

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C.N. Had invested time and money engaging in sessions in other practices before finding his way to me, and now he has been finding success and satisfaction through our sessions. After his latest session, he sent me this message: "Much…

KM came to me having been suffering from a harsh, anxiety-ridden state of mind, desperate for relief. Now, after her latest session, she has this to say: "This is so good, I'm literally crying tears of joy! I processed through…

"This is a major turning point for me. That fear was always there for me, and now, I’ve gotten rid of it fast. I wasn’t sure I’d ever get through it!" MJ, September 2022

There is so much beauty in life to take pleasure in, we are so blessed to be in this world. We merely need to be present and have its presence, and just let go of the constant projecting so that…

I see so much posturing of condescension on social media. And elsewhere. Asserting that you are above someone or something that you fear to engage in or with is escapism. It is denial. You are not above anything you cannot…

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T.N. had been struggling with chronic anxieties for a long time until recently entering into sessions with me. She has this to share after her latest session: "This session is a game-changer, this is the most relaxed I've ever felt!…

This is what gets in your way: “But that idea violates what I’ve already invested myself in accepting”. Not coincidentally, it is also the basis of political and religious conflict.

I’ve recently developed a magical new technique that resolves disturbing feelings a person has in relation to someone who has made them feel ill at ease or triggers reactions in them. One of the first applications of this new Presence…

Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling

Your true inner self is too beautiful to waste your existance having it submerged beneath layers of pain,fear,inhibiting and enforcing atitude and dysfuntional defense.Come to me do the work and be free.