Introductory Video-Lectures

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Videos provide a much enhanced depth and dimension of communication, with voice intonations, facial expressions and physical gestures, that far surpasses mere characters on a page, even when we excel at painting pictures with words.

I embrace the idea that one of the greatest abilities we possess is the ability to change our minds, and thus expand our understandings and viewpoints, so as to progressively grow and expand. You may notice on my videos, accordingly with when each was produced, changes in my own viewpoint. What could superficially be mislabeled as “inconstancy” is actually ongoing enlightenment; we all should expect no less of ourselves, or else we would not be on this spiritual path.

I welcome any and all questions or comments you may have to anything you see and hear on my videos. Heartfelt and grateful love and acknowledgement is given to my dear friend and supporter Tatiana Baklanova for all her excellent and dedicated work in producing several of my videos.

Ready for a live session with me, right now? Here we go!

If you're brave enough, if self-betterment is really important, interesting and energizing for you, then take this journey here with me today, to directly address one of your means of sabotaging yourself, one of your adopted and entrenched stubbornly held "protective" attitudes, a prime piece of negative spiritual architecture. As you go through this, you'll be fascinated with what a bad choice this has been for you, and you will, at long last, be free to dispense with that means of self-sabotage once and for all!Show More
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