Relief from fears, anxieties, unwanted conditions and troubling feelings!

Dexter Gelfand
Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling 

Personally providing effective and game-changing help via Internet video for over 10-years. Your first & best counseling option.

This is what I’d hoped for, but never thought would be achievable for me! Fantastic! I’m excited and looking forward to living life and seeing things anew, thanks Dex!


I'm Offering to Teach You
How to Manifest What You Desire

Dex Gelfand is an internationally recognized leader in the field of spiritually oriented therapeutic counseling and a pioneer in the practice of online sessions, with clients spanning the globe.

Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling, is based on the principle that we are all endowed with our own spiritual compass, which presents the mental and spiritual material we most need to address.

Invited and permitted to express, this basic and natural instinct presents the most relevant negative spiritual architectures, which, thus exposed, provide for the greatest meaningful and substantial desired change and improvement we seek.

Dex’s time is divided between personally conducting sessions with individuals and mentoring and training other practitioners in his approach and techniques.

Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling recognizes that the practitioner’s function is to help the participant to accomplish whatever he or she is seeking.

What People Are Saying

“I feel so much more prepared to take on life and its challenges”

“Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling has enabled me to quickly and easily resolve issues that years of self-help and other therapies, techniques, workshops and transformational courses weren’t able to fully address.”



Dex, I’ve gotten everything that I wanted to get out of these sessions, I’ve handled everything that I wanted to handle. It’s great to know how far I’ve come!


“I was battling myself. Now I can allow myself to learn, this is exactly what I’ve needed for over 30 years, I’ve got exactly what I wanted for such a long time! Thank you for your great work, Dex!


“The gains are beyond anything you could even imagine!”


“Damn. It’s amazing how effective Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling has been in helping me to achieve clear goals which I am setting for myself in the area of work-life.”

Testimony from a U.S. Army Ranger veteran who had one session with me to help him with his PTSD:

I am a combat veteran of the U.S. Army. I have PTSD from things I saw, did, and happened to me while fighting. After I came home, I was messed up. I lost my wife, my family, and got addicted to street drugs, which eventually landed me in prison. My good friend set me up wiht a session with Dex. I feel he helped me to deal with the nightmares that haunted me for so long. Even though I cry whenever I think of it, I finally realize it was not MY FAULT! I am at ease with myself and deal with my emotions a lot better. I hope Dex can help other veterans deal with their nightmares & try to stop the horrible statistic that haunts many of us vets.

C.B., United States Army Ranger

You're in the right place.

Issues & Remedies:

Let’s take a look at how I will help you to resolve your specific problem area(s):

Anxiety, depression, irritability, impatience, feeling of defeat or resignation:

The Spiritual Digestion technique is tailor-made to resolve and put an end to such persistent disturbing feelings.

Having the same situations or conditions happening over and over again:

My Resolution Technique is the answer to repeating or chronic negative conditions.

Displaying attitudes or behaviors that aren’t who you really are:

For these, depending on your answer to the first question I will ask you, either the False Me Unraveling technique or the Personality Image Projection technique will be the key to undoing.

Having difficulty in finding a romantic partner:

For this, depending on what we will determine is manifesting as the difficulty, any of the above techniques could come into play; one or more will be exactly what’s needed to open up the possibilities for you.

In any and all situations, it is not at all unusual for 2 or more techniques to be what’s needed as we unravel the laters of internal material that has been getting in your way. In any case, the end result will be the relief you are seeking.

Being stuck in resistive, uncooperative and restrictive tendencies:

The Stubbornly Held Protective Attitude technique will strip these away.

Rough Relationships:

My Harmony Restoration technique works documented miracles to fix rough relationships, be they romantic, family, work, social or other connections, in fact, it is not unusual to see the other person actually have a better attitude about you after your processing! One of the miracles of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling.

Inability to shake off the persistent feelings of something that was a shock for you:

The Moment of Shock Resolution technique can free you from what nothing else you’ve tried will, leaving you with a wonderful feeling of relief.

Spiritual enlightenment and advancement:

The prime technique for spiritual enlightenment and advancement is the Spiritual Reclamation technique. It can bring about very profound results. Spiritual enlightenment and advancement also happens in doing any technique of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling, and there are other specific techniques for this purpose.

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