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Relief from fears, anxieties, unwanted conditions and troubling feelings!

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Dex helps people achieve Spiritual Ascension.

Dex Gelfand is an internationally recognized leader in the field of spiritually oriented therapeutic counseling and a pioneer in the practice of online sessions, with clients spanning the globe. His time is divided between personally conducting sessions with individuals and mentoring and training other practitioners in his approach and techniques. Dex’s modality, Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling, is based on the principle that we are all endowed with our own spiritual compass, which presents the mental and spiritual material we most need to address. Invited and permitted to express, this basic and natural instinct presents the most relevant negative spiritual architectures, which, thus exposed, provide for the greatest meaningful and substantial desired change and improvement we seek. Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling recognizes that the practitioner’s function is to help the participant to accomplish whatever he or she is seeking.

Dex has isolated, analyzed and defined the different types of negative spiritual architectures, or mental mechanisms, that bring about undesirable conditions and dysfunctions, and has evolved specific techniques for successfully resolving these.

Dex’s book, Honoring your Spiritual Compass: Realizing Greater Expression of Self through the Recognition, Acceptance, and Application of the Natural Laws of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling, is expected to be completed and available in the near future.

Testimony from a U.S. Army Ranger veteran who had one session with me to help him with his PTSD. Rather than keystroking myself from his uncorrected, unedited handwritten words, I think it’s best to let the original image speak for itself:
(click image for larger view)
I stand ready to help anyone I can in this way.
With Love, compassion and all the skills at my disposal,
— Dex

My passion and expertise are in helping a person to accomplish his or her needs or personal goals, including relief and release from troubling conditions or recurring feelings, regaining or realizing desirable states of being or abilities, recovery from mistreatment or previous therapies or counseling experiences, finding one’s empowerment and vitality and more. And now, we can routinely and very successfully further our goals while smoothly making use of the ease and convenience of working over the internet from home on our computers!

Cutting Edge Approach to Emotional and Spiritual Wellness

Dex talks about what can be done to diminish and resolve the chronic depressions and anxieties brought on by the traumas and stresses of life.

Hear Dex speak on Health Professional Radio »

I’m here to help those seeking improvement and relief of various descriptions, anyone and everyone who has been struggling to resolve issues that never went away through whatever they tried. My Scientologist (or ex-Scientologist) participants have always been comfortable with me because I speak the language, being that I took the time, years ago, to thoroughly explore and know that system as one part of my ongoing journey, ultimately moving out of and beyond that. Whether or not you’ve been pursuing your needs and goals through Scientology and/or other means, I am happy to help. As a therapeutic spiritual counseling specialist, I consider it essential to my practice to always work toward better ways, improved and advanced techniques. See the Techniques page to read about some of these developments.

I share with you a friendly, upbeat, safe and comfortable environment in which you can find your way to digest and resolve whatever it might be that resonates with you and your own spiritual compass to address through a variety of advanced, easily applied techniques.

I look forward to talking with you over Skype or Face Time! Reach me through the “Contact” page.

— Love, Dex


The Magician

(P.K., of California) Tendered to Dex from a grateful client:

Here is the story that I must tell
From the highest cliff is where I fell
Into the flames of a ceaseless fight
Where light was dark and day was night
Daggers of thought pierced my mind
My view so blurred no truth to find
Endlessly missing the path to the top
No footing to find, only slippery rock
A shadow at first, so hard to see
The Magician, he looked like you or me
He offered his help, he offered his hand
The Magician, he knew the lay of the land
I wondered how he found me here
I wondered how he had no fear
He brought his light to help me see
The Magician had come from eternity
He was not afraid of the depths below,
Or the biting winds I’d come to know
The Magician was calm as he steadied my heart
With his cloud of magic, his skill, his art
Almost to the top, I feared a fall
So often before, I’d lost it all
But his magic endured, his sparkles so bright
We walked on the air, like birds in flight
I could not believe I was finally free
At the top of the cliff, I looked down to see
So amazed with this magic I had to test
Would I fall again and be laid to rest
I walked off the cliff and stood in the air
His magic endured when even not there
The Gods now smile when he passes by
His powers protected in Earth and Sky
The Magician he holds the power of life
To help you through all the pain and strife
Oh yes, they smile when he passes by
For with his magic you can learn to fly!



Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling

Your true inner self is too beautiful to waste your existence having it submerged beneath layers of pain, fear, inhibiting and enforcing attitude and dysfunctional defense. Come to me do the work and be free.