April 3


“At last I’ve experienced major relief in this area of my life, after just one session”

Kathy contacted me after watching my videos. She’s had a long history of processing, and over the past several years, auditing procedures developed, practiced and experienced only by freezone Scientologists. She’d found these on the whole to be helpful, but still found herself experiencing certain unwanted conditions that were not resolving. This is what she is sharing now:

“Dexter, 2010 was a year of problems for me. Since my last session from you, now it doesn’t trouble me at all. This is amazing. I had done a whole lot of (a freezone auditing technique) and (another freezone modality) on running it out, in my solo sessions. For last 3/4 months. Yet this charged year 2010 still kept coming into my memory time & time again. At last I’ve experienced major relief in this area of my life, after just one session from you running Power Processes on me. I can’t thank you enough for this positive change in my case.
I read a wonderful post you received from a client of yours. it read “Dex has gotten me to a point where I’ve come closer to state of OT, very clean space, very powerful yet kind, and the type of person people want to be around.” Now this is exactly word for word what I want to happen for me. I want to achieve these abilities. I’m more than willing to work for them.”
(Kathy, April 2014)

The day after the session, from Kathy:
“Since last nights session, my vision is brighter much sharper and can’t believe this, I can actually watch TV without needing to resort to my glasses. That’s fantastic. What a relief. My space is much cleaner as well. So I’m very happy about this!”

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