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The World of Scientology, an ongoing Series: “Thou Shalt Take No Other God Before Me”

The official policy that is the essence of the Scientology doctrine

“There Is No Expedient to which a Man Will Not Resort to Avoid the Real Labor of Thinking.”
– Prominent 18th century English painter Joshua Reynolds

I read that quote in 1964, hanging in Thomas Edison’s West Orange, New Jersey lab during a 3rd grade class trip, and it is a key piece of wisdom that has stayed with me ever since. I think that it is particularly relevant in discussing and examining any controversial, polarizing subject, which people tend to resort to absolutes of acceptance or rejection, lazily framing something as being one-dimensional, so as not to have to invest thought in any actual examining.

Politics is one such subject, particularly at this time; “Scientology” is another. I have had my own passage through Scientology, having dedicatedly mastered and practiced much of Scientology’s “auditing” system and paradigm of counseling principles and techniques for several years. Over time, my perspective evolved, and brought me out of the strictures of the “Standard Tech Scientologist” mindset. My own conclusions are that there is so much of value in many of the principles and techniques that it isn’t wise or correct to dismiss the entire subject, and too much that is misleading and potentially damaging to accept it as it is presented and taught by its faithful adherents; in short, like any other system or paradigm, we are best served by separately examining each individual idea within it on its own individual merits, as we ourselves find them to be. My own approach, while being different from Scientology, nevertheless does incorporate those elements thereof that I find compatible with empowerment through better connecting with your own spiritual compass to accomplish your own goals, and omitting those elements that would have a person surrender or attribute self-knowledge, power or ability to any external source.

Those who have been wholly accepting or wholly rejecting of “Scientology” tend to have a viscerally hostile reaction to anything less than complete support for their own absolutist attitude, but there is also the chance for these folks, as well as the rest of us, to gain a more enlightened perspective, in accordance with the principle articulated above by Joshua Reynolds.

Interestingly, a great many of my own clients/participants in my Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling practice have been people who experienced most or all of Scientology’s “Bridge”, feel that there was much value in that experience for them, and at the same time were frustrated by the unfulfilled promises of Scientology and moved over to my approach to address and accomplish those frustrated aspirations.

It is my hope and intention to help those extreme views on the subject to accomplish a more rational and enlightened perspective, as well as to inform those who are curious about this controversial paradigm.

In 1965, L Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, was, overall, a very angry man. A number of constituents, feeling stifled under the thumb of his autocratic rule, had spun off their own directions, their own formulaic approaches to spiritually therapeutic techniques under their own banners, attracting followers, cutting into the “Church” of Scientology’s income streams, and transferring loyalties away from Hubbard. Less than a year earlier, Hubbard, grossly overestimating his considerable ability to enthrall people, made a number of obviously hyperbolic claims about himself and Scientology to a journalist writing an article for the Saturday Evening Post magazine, resulting in a broadly published article that, to Hubbard’s shock and dismay, was anything but flattering, using his own words to ridicule him in a national magazine. He was accustomed to being idolized in his own world of Scientology followers, and anticipated similar success with the rest of the world, apparently. So this was one, but hardly the only, point in Hubbard’s life in which he was, to put it delicately, in a sore mood.

It was in this state of mind that Hubbard issued “Keeping Scientology Working”, a “Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter” imposing a condition on his followers and supporters of absolute submission to his every word, projecting himself as above all others and never to be questioned, but only strictly followed, asserting that to do otherwise was foolish, evil, and/or stupid. And that Scientology, and Scientology alone, was the only hope for a world that was headed straight to oblivion, and/or hell, without it; that nothing and nobody else was of any real value in this desperate crusade to salvage mankind, to wit:

“The whole agonized future of this planet, every man, woman and child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and in Scientology.”

There is an indoctrination process embedded into the “Keeping Scientology Working” manifesto that breeds hostility and resentment toward approaching the subject open-mindedly- in fact, Hubbard  redefined “open-mindedness” for Scientology followers as an insidious disease, as some sort of opposition to “heroic self sacrificing unreasonable single-minded dedication the THE cause”- oh, and “reasonableness” is also redefined similarly. Inherent in “Keeping Scientology Working” is the subliminal mantra, “a good and true Scientologist cannot be reasoned with”. These are imposed concepts that, in my opinion, need to be re-examined by Scientologists. An actual insidious disease would be an implanted hostile resistance to examining the various elements of Scientology (or, for that matter, anything else) with an open-minded and unbiased attitude.

(more to follow)

Integrating All, to Become Whole

Past, present and future are all actually “nows”, and if we aren’t too busy denying or resisting it, all of our connections are always part of us. We can make boundaries in our minds to try to separate things, but underneath them, the greater base of truth is that nothing, no experience or connection, is ever “gone”, and we are much better off recognizing that all of it will always be “here” and “now” as part of who and what we are, integrating all of our life continuum, and being whole and complete, not divided.

All counseling, all processing, should be in the direction of recovering all of the parts, feelings and sections of us that we have buried, hidden, denied, forsaken, and otherwise tried to separate from ourselves, and integrating all of it, to be whole, and to regain all of our powers to see, to know, and to be.

Love, Dex

“Can’t do it, until…” ?

I’m very good at what I do, which is to guide and assist you in accomplishing your purposes for yourself, to resolve whatever needs resolving. But just as it is your drive to accomplish these goals of resolution and accomplishment that really powers your progress, there remains an essential aspect of getting all the way there:

Whatever negatives may manifest, no matter how strongly- ask yourself, “What purpose or responsibility of mine would this excuse me from doing, accomplishing,  making meaningful, substantial progress, from producing right now? What would I be if not for this problem?” And whatever the answer is, DO that thing, now, no matter what, until you penetrate the “how hard it is”, and it gets easier- and then, KEEP DOING IT!

Your casting aside the idea that “I can’t now”, and making it happen, will greatly augment your progress in our sessions, or in whatever therapeutic modality you engage in. It may very well bring out pain of various kinds, worries, confusions, etc; but then it means that your efforts are flushing such mental and spiritual debris to the surface, presenting directly to be effectively processed in your sessions.

And so, whatever it is your issues seem to prevent you from doing, along with effective counseling and processing, it most certainly falls upon your shoulders to press forward, and rise to the occasion, to ensure your increasing success in making progress in your sessions, and in your active life.

Love, Dex

How I “Do That”

Changing stubbornly held beliefsToday, one of my clients, in looking over her notes about the sessions we’ve done, asked me over email, “You’ve done sessions with me that have taken as long as six hours! Oh my God, how do you do that?” What follows below is my answer, verbatim:

“Sometimes my clients seem to marvel about how I can be there with them for some number of hours, I guess because they find it tedious to sit through another person’s taking that sort of time in expressing themselves. But for me it isn’t work, I’m inspiring, inviting, welcoming and encouraging somebody to connect with and successfully process all that has thrown them into a state of reactive resistance, and freeing themselves to integrate and thus regain the fuller spectrum of all that they are and all that they could be, and its the easiest, most interesting and fulfilling thing in the world for me, and I’m enthused and privileged to do it.

Tonight I listened to a favorite radio sports commentator sign off from his program for the final time, and in thanking the audience, related what he told his children:

“Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. And that is also my philosophy, what I’ve done and what I do. Hope that answers your question!”

Love, Dex

What Your Practitioner Should be Doing

What every practitioner needs to know and understand during any and every session, above all else, is that whatever the participant is doing or saying, the actual simplicity of it is that he or she is presenting exactly what he or she needs to process. And so, the practitioner’s simple and basic function is to understand, be present with and for, and completely welcome and allow that.

Love, Dex

How to Succeed!

Suffering from anxiety, fears, depression? Yes, of course, I can help you to find relief, and gradually increase your accessible capacity for happiness and emotional stability. But it generally doesn’t all totally and permanently happen from a single session, or two, or three, its a work in progress with tangible changes along the way.

And meanwhile, you cannot, and should not, be in counseling sessions for as much of your time as you need to be engaged in your current life, in the moment, and in producing and accomplishing the things that make life worthwhile, contribute to life, and sustain you and others. Or for as much time as you should be just plain old enjoying the moment and having fun!

So, in the minutes when when you aren’t engaged in therapeutic counseling, you cannot afford to float backward in the inertia of your distress, and if you spend your time trying to seek comfort through familiar people, places and things, that becomes a bottomless hole that never gets you there, so don’t waste your time and frustrate yourself. There’s a better way, and its all about what you want, and not what you think you need to avoid.

Love, Dex

The Roles We Play, the Games We Play

Whether we understand it or not, we all have a tendency to play the role of the specific identities we assume in interacting with the specific identities of others, and in doing so, play the games that are the raison d etre for those identities. These generate no internal (or external) reactions unless we are invested in those particular games, as those particular identities. And that does carry the liability of things not always working out satisfactorily, which is, in itself, a condition that defines the identities in play.

Love, Dex

The Mechanics and Liabilities of Defining Oneself by One’s Painful Experiences

The basic means of transcending your pain, sadness, anxiety, etc, is to relax oneself, cease resisting, and let yourself experience, and effortlessly allow the energies of such feelings to be within oneself, to fully express, and to exhaust those energies in thusly digesting them. This can be routinely accomplished through Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling,

You can gradually improve your ability of allowing the presence of your energies so as to let them fully express and exhaust. Its really a matter of gaining trust in your ability to experience and withstand those energies successfully.

One thing that can make it very difficult is when you define and identify yourself as the person who has had some particular tragedy. We do this because there is so much emotional sensation we can capture and experience in doing that, and it actually feels good and soothing in some way. And it makes us interesting, and gets attention, and thus makes us feel admired, connected and important. But the identifying with the tragedy of the experience holds the pain in place, and will maintain it, on and off, until you shift out of defining self by that tragedy, and as the person in that tragedy. Dismantling self identifications is routinely accomplished through Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling.

Consider the idea of thinking, not in terms of otherwise identifying and defining yourself, but rather, simply being, rather than being something. And thereby, simply disposing of this identity that you’ve been being, as all identities taken on are limited in spectrum, and see and express only through the filters that define the identity.

There are many relative successive levels of increasingly, simply, being, as more and more deeply rooted identities are dismantled and/or discarded

The techniques to accomplish these things are known and used, and you can learn much about them by reading the articles and watching the videos on my website,

Love, Dex

The Full Realization and Stabilization of Session Gains Made:

Many, perhaps most of us who have “done the work” to achieve meaningful gains have suffered the disheartening occurrence of “roller-coastering:” the loss or instability of gains made.

You may have heard of, or even experienced what some call “up the pole” phenomena: an ascension to a dramatically life-changing state of existence, ability, and perception. This can happen to anyone, through any processing technique, including those that a person might think of as “low level”, in which case one’s gains may be met with non-acceptance, which can be very hard on you when you’d want and/or expect appropriate recognition. There are reasons why, sometimes this new, higher state of existence is disrupted. There can be a steep crash from the heights of your ascension, one so deeply disturbing that you find yourself in a chronic state of agitation, along with a gnawing hunger to regain your spiritual ascension.

Until that absorbing condition is resolved, all processing sessions are of little use; the longer it goes on, the tougher it gets. People spend decades in that state, and frequently exploring (albeit unsuccessfully) every possible means of resolution.

Alan Walter, a leading contributor to the techniques of Scientology in the early to mid 1960’s, is credited with recognizing and coining the term “ascension crash”. He left the organization around 1982, part of the great exodus of that time, and continued in developing spiritual processing techniques and advancing the field. These included a procedure for stabilizing the most meaningful of gains, which when applied directly following such an ascension, pre-empts the possibility of any such crash.

The technique for stabilizing (and, in the process, bringing about an expanded realization of) outstanding session gains when they occur is called the “Recognition of Regained Abilities, States, and Wins Procedure.” It is a magnificent and vital missing piece from the “standard” spiritual processing playbook.

Having mastered this procedure and used it in hundreds of sessions, I cannot overstate how valuable it has proven for my clients. It is a game changer. Without it, the best session gains tend to be less than fully realized, and often impermanent. The Recognition of Regained Abilities, States, and Wins Procedure is truly an indispensable processing tool, one that no practitioner should deny his clients. It’s that good, and that important.

The Recognition of Regained Abilities, States and Wins Procedure pinpoints, addresses and resolves every possible cause of the diminishing or loss of your recently accomplished gains and changes. It also brings about a greater realization of your gains and changes. If you have sessions with me, in time YOU will get to experience the Recognition of Regained Abilities, States, and Wins Procedure!

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"My ideas of granting beingness are changing, and I’m becoming a lot more aware of other people as beings. Granting beingness to others is, looking back at it, possibly one of my biggest problem areas in this lifetime. I’m still sorting through that, but it’s got a lot of potential. "I’m having a lot more comfort in communication cycles, and paying more attention to them. Not necessarily running them better all the time, but definitely seeing them."
"I’m still blowing off today! Whew! Its amazing how much power charge has. it can freeze one in time and make one feel so occupied by fighting the charge that one has no energy left to do the things they want or need to do. I have new energy and want to get involved in projects again."
"I feel energized, I can’t wait to create. Knowing my unlimited power, I will use it for good. I will have fun. I will postulate into existence whatever it is I want to do because it will be good. It will not harm. And, it will include others who are of the same mindset. Thanks so much to my wonderful auditor, Dexter. I don’t think I’ve ever been this stable before."
"I felt totally duplicated for the first time in AGES—no more sec checks, no more crazy wrong actions, no more endless correction lists that don’t read nor wrong indications. Dexter’s not interested in ‘stats’ or ‘getting people up the Bridge’ (because you see, that was always the false promise that was made to me, just do the next action THEN you’ll get your case handled). Dexter just knows how to get a real product."
Trained, interned and experienced Graduate level V, Power Processing Specialist, Specializing in advanced custom-tailored processing techniques for your particular spiritual, emotional and physiological conditions, needs, wants, interests and aspirations. Services include:
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  • Repair of previous auditing
  • Resurgence of earlier gains
  • Unhandled case items
  • Unaccomplished auditing goals
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