March 28


Success in mentoring other auditors!

Today, I enjoyed hearing about a great success one of the auditors I’ve been mentoring in my processing approach had with his PC. At the beginning of the session, the PC presented a service fac (some idea, attitude and behavior pattern involving defensively blowing off people, activities and/or things), and the auditor had the good sense to set aside the session plan and process what was manifesting.
In processing the service facsimile, the PC had huge changes, and found it to be their core service fac, the overall substitute for being present in life!
The PC went on and on about how this “solution” had made it impossible for them to succeed or be happy, crying tears of joy!
This was not the first time I’ve observed that the most successful way to find and process the most dominant material is by paralleling the mind, by processing what is manifesting here and now, and NOT by any form of prepared list or listing questions. In the C of S, on “grade four”, the PC’s core service facsimile is supposed to be found by running a series of listing questions and processing the obtained items. It has proven unreliable. I’ve had PC’s run on all those “grade four” service facs found through those listing questions, who later manifested service facs in session with me, which upon running, in their own estimation, were far more encompassing than anything found and run by any procedure that asked them for a service fac when none was manifesting.
I’m very proud of this auditor interning under my supervision for demonstrating the willingness and ability to size up the situation and respond accordingly, to “C/S (case supervise) in the chair”. As I’ve said before, I would not want to be audited by someone who needed to rely on someone else to have confidence in what process or material to run. I want the guy (or woman) who KNOWS what to do, based on what is manifesting HERE and NOW! That’s the “standard” I hold to! (Of course, when one is training or interning, supervision is appropriate).

Love, Dex

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