September 9


Unraveling Complexities to Reveal the Simplicities

castle-geyser-871516_640I was thinking about an experience I had a bit over 40 years ago. I was camping in upstate New York by myself, near Woodstock, on Overlook Mountain. I sat at the very peak, and did a simple breathing/meditative exercise from a Theosophy book I’d been reading, and I began to see little white/transparent spheres orbiting around each other in all directions. They appeared to be, or be like, atoms, with their component particles in motion, but without any nucleus. A friend who was into such things told me I was seeing “elemental matter”. That rang true with my perception. I feel it resonates with my way of seeing what I regard as the simplicities, rather than complexities, that I regard as the basis of life and existence. To me, all the cosmologies, all the “mechanics” really boil down to a very few very simple ideas, and all the complex explanations, concepts, stories, series of universes, cosmologies, “ways of thinking” are creative and interesting, as any creation can be, and from a processing viewpoint, mainly need to be understood so that they can be unraveled to reveal simpler and more basic truths. And that, largely, is what I think “processing” is, or should be, about, rather than, for instance, handing or feeding the individual further complexities of “explanations”, and “ways of thinking”; all with the purpose, and in the direction of accomplishing each person’s own purposes for entering into our sessions.

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