August 29


“I have never experienced this or thought it was even possible”

stairs into ocean
credit: Dinev

Sometimes we can be so focused on some immediate matters that we lose sight of other things.. it was so nice to get this message today from a client I last worked with several months ago:

“I am doing well… really well. Things have been rolling along since we worked together. As life goes on, it seems that the processes we started are still working. Something comes up, I feel it, I spot it, and let it go. Your analogy of blowing out the foundation of a building and watching it crumble down piece by piece applies here. I have never experienced this or thought it was even possible. I know that you know this, but we handled some important basics on this life and I am still feeling the effects. How are you? I see you are going right along learning and auditing. You will never know the impact you are having not just on the individuals you audit, but also the world at large. I feel it and see it.”
LJ, August 2015

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