July 21


“Dex, you’ve given me back the courage of my convictions!”

bursting through cloudsMy sessions through the years have had me processing others’ (the auditor’s, the “case supervisor’s”, the Scientology “grade chart”) goals for me—for so long that I lost sight of my own goal!

In fact, I was processed for so long on goals others have for me that I somehow adopted the thinking that I’ll achieve my goal through one of these other goals.

Today’s session freed me from this thinking.

Sessions should always be about your goals and only your goals. Traveling the road someone else has laid down for you is no way to get to where you want to go. That’s why there are so many stories of people finishing everything some practice has for them and still haven’t accomplished what they came in to the practice to handle.

Have the integrity of your own goal and process toward that directly. Anything else will only create bypassed charge and upset. I always felt I had showed up with a thorn in my paw but everyone wanted to de-burr my fur and then check for ticks and then clean my teeth. All the while ignoring what I kept saying was wrong and building up more charge on the thorn in my paw.

It was a huge relief to spot all this by-passed charge and realize my original goal again. Dex, you’ve given me back the courage of my convictions, I have a resurgence of purpose, truly!

Process YOUR goal!

LF, July, 2015

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