September 13


“You are not alone.. there is something that can be done about anything.”

mountains-889131_640I want to share something tonight that might come across as a commercial for Dex’s auditing. A great thing like this can happen when you are with an auditor that is truly there with you and is well skilled.
I was thinking tonight about a life ruin that Dex and I took a look at while auditing. It had laid dormant amid all the auditing that I have received and had never came up. But it was huge. It spread its effects in almost all my relationships and was a principle player in determining my self worth as a child all the way to present time. It was truly life long.
One day Dex asked me a question and it popped right up. My it was hard to look at. I told Dex that I didn’t want to talk about it…. And he hung right in there with me listening. After awhile of saying that I didn’t want to confront it and that I need to confront it… I finally took a breath… counted to 3… and let it all out. It was amazing. The lid was off. It was known and he said great… we can do something about that… and that we did.
What brought it up tonight was seeing that the situation is gone. Not keyed out, but truly gone. And looking I see how I have been freed in many areas of my life because of this. Many more than I can ever imagine.
I guess I wanted you to know that no matter what, there is hope. You are not alone.. there is something that can be done about anything.
LJ, September 2015

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