March 9


“This was the greatest session because it was life-changing”

This was the greatest session because it was life-changing. I realized that I was always worrying about the ability to have things, and so I kept on doing everything to have. But instead it was me that was missing, my basic personality, my sense and presence of myself — I couldn’t be me! I felt I had to constantly put out an effort to avoid being attacked by others. I was always in confusion.

Then after just a few sessions with Dex, I felt all the effort melt away. I was no longer worried about having money. I knew that by just being me I could do and have anything I wanted. I knew I could naturally get along with others and that they would be able to see me, that I was no longer a threat to them. I am a natural health field practitioner, and I now how easily I can help and direct anyone in my work and life without resentment and fear of losing them as friends and coworkers, as well as, in the near future, my next great love of my life and all my loved ones.

— KS, March 2019

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