An Amazing Technique: Spiritual Digestion

In sessions guided by me or any of the practitioners I’ve mentored, this technique works perfectly to resolve any chronic unwanted feeling. My participants, having experienced it through my guidance, learn to apply this on their own, with at least partial, if not complete relief.

Any emotion, virtually anything that can be felt, is simply an expression of some type of energy. What makes one feeling or emotion different from any other could be said to be the particular vibrational frequency of that energy. And so the energy expressing as panic is of a different vibrational frequency than the energy expressing as irritation, or hostility, or apathy, joy, enthusiasm, etc.

The natural tendency is to react to any unwanted feeling by trying to resist it. Resistance only makes things persist, and makes them stronger. Acceptance then is the solution. Spiritual digestion. As undigested material in your stomach will surely cause you discomfort, so will undigested feelings. And so, there is the need for a technique for digesting.

Step One: Identify the particular emotion or feeling that is disturbing you, in whatever terms best articulate it for you.

Step Two: Recognize and conceive of that feeling as, simply and only, energy expressing through you, that you have been reacting to by trying to resist it.

Step Three: Cease all resistance. Relax completely every muscle, head and body. Unclench your mind. Be completely relaxed, generate no effort of any kind; do not try to DO anything to, with, or about the energy that expresses as that feeling.

Step Four: Effortlessly allow that energy to freely express through you, to permeate, unresisted. Simply notice and feel the expression of the energy of that feeling, allowing it to naturally, spiritually be absorbed and digest within you.

Think of it like drinking hot tea, the heat passes through you and diminishes, disintegrates, fully expressed. Or like a person that has been demanding your attention, yelling at you, and the faster you walk away from them, the faster they follow you and the louder they yell, and so you stop, turn around, and let them have their say, without interrupting or stopping them; they have their say fully, and having done so, are done and it is over.

Don’t “try to make it go away”, or anything like that. Simply allow and accept the presence of what is expressing; don’t try to make it diminish, instead let it diminish, through thorough, relaxed acceptance.

If you catch yourself resisting in some fashion, which means that you are generating energy against it, and thus strengthening it, just notice you’ve been doing that, and return to doing step four as given.

That’s all there is to it!

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