“Wow, after one session, all this happened!”

E.N. had scheduled a session with me for the morning of her birthday, but then called to say that she wasn’t feeling well physically (sore throat) or emotionally (a host of seemingly overwhelming problems). I wanted her to have a better birthday than that, and I knew I could help, and she went along with my suggestion that we go ahead with the session and make it a better birthday. By the end of the session the sore throat was no more, and later, at the end of the evening, E.N. sent me the following message:

“Thanks, Dex! that session really worked! My son called me and we talked for an hour and 1/2. He said he believed I was different to him somehow and that the counseling I was getting from you is working. And he didn’t blame me for the past. We are getting along like magic, where before there was no communication for 4 months, wow, After one session all this happened!

I went out dancing and didn’t sit. I could admire men again. Boy, I was really unapproachable for some time, before that session. People actually complimented me on my dancing. Some were falling in love with me. I could actually smile at men, and each time I did, they smiled back with a big grin. Affinity is easy, once your head is not filled with things from the past!

Loyalties between myself and others are restored, and I’m filled with w energy. It feels so good.

Thank you for the birthday gift of a great session, from the bottom of my heart.”

— E.N., March 2019

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