Tearing Down our Walls, to Become Whole Again

Past, present, and future are all actually “nows”, and if we aren’t too busy denying or resisting it, all of our connections are always part of us. We construct walls in our minds for separation from things that are unpleasant, things that seem to conflict with our present situations, things that we want to forget or keep hidden, but these accumulating “no-fly zones”, in decreasing our wholeness, make us smaller, more restricted and more restrictive, cutting off pieces of our existence, tantamount to losing parts of ourselves.

All experience can be digested and absorbed, integrated within to make us whole, to be all that we are, and all that we can be. Greater happiness, and moving upward from fearfulness and resignation to a childlike wonder for all that can be encountered in life is restored through approach and deconstructing our walls, to assimilate, digest and integrate all that is part of our life continuum, to restore and regain the full expanse and spectrum that makes each of us confident, optimistic, able to appreciate and feel the joy of living, of having and living our passions, and as highly functional as we inherently are in pursuing these.

To be fully whole and alive, one must aspire and progress in the direction of tearing down the walls and integrating all that is us.

This principle also has relevance in recognizing our part in the community that is all beings.

Love, Dex

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