September 10


Sessions over the internet, a frank discussion

Here’s a subject that needs to be brought into the light: the effectiveness of auditing over Skype. EJ initially traveled to see me for sessions, but the time and distance involved was a significant issue. We switched to auditing over Skype more recently, and it was a completely smooth transition, every bit as effective. After a session a few days ago, EJ sent the following statement to me, and made it clear he wanted this success broadcasted:

“Dex, Thanks so much! I’m writing a success story right now, but I also realize that I need to write something up about auditing over Skype. I’ve got some recent thoughts and cogs about the advantages of auditing over Skype vs. traveling to a distant location to get great professional auditing.
I also think that I need to communicate about getting over the xenophobia in relation to auditing over Skype. I thought it was strange and really thought I was going off the deep end and entering squirreldom full force. A “standard tech” ex-churchie like me of course was going to have alarm bells sounding in my head, but I had to try it at least. If it works it works, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t; no harm, no foul. Thank goodness it works! This is such a huge, huge leverage point that I think a success story or essay actually needs to be written about it.
Your metering has been better than Class VIII and Class XII metering. Why? Because we’re in ARC, and our purposes are aligned. Auditing with a high-ARC auditor over Skype has been above and beyond what I’ve been able to get from FSO auditors and my local org’s auditors.
Auditing over Skype removes so many PTPs that the delivery of case gain actually becomes more assured. I never could think with auditing at FSO and handling the rudiment of PTPs; being at Flag is a PTP because you had to leave work, you get hounded by registrars between sessions, you’re wondering if you’re actually getting case gain worthy of the amount of money you donated towards it, as well as if it’s worth the time you’re taking away from work and family, if there are delays for whatever reason the accommodations coffers still get filled, etc.
There is no pre-travel angst and no preparations that need to be done since you don’t have to travel. Skype auditing is practically like an auditor coming to your house to audit you. How many times have pcs wished that this could be their reality? Perhaps only the richest Scientologists could experience something like that. It is much easier to be sessionable; there are no time zone changes, no money wasted on accommodations while you’re acclimating to the time change (since it was a 3-hour change from the west coast to Flag for me, this is an important point). It is much easier to be fully rested since you’re sleeping in your own bed and can follow your own pre-bedtime routines. It is much easier to be well fed; there is no chance of a non-familiar cuisine, no change is necessary to your diet due to lack of a certain food that you’re used to eating. It is much easier to be in-session when your attention is fully on your case and the task at hand, and not all the complexities and expenses of temporarily living away from your home.
There are issues regarding keeping in touch with people. You don’t have the normal access to others when you’re away from home.
Skype is free, and with Dex on the other end of the Skype line, the auditing has delivered more than what Class XII auditors have “delivered” to me.

I want to inspire a lot of people to try it, and hopefully have legions of future free Scientologists getting auditing over Skype.

There is still more I have to say on this matter, but this will have to do for now.

Thanks Dex! and Thanks LRH!

Note- “FSO” refers to “Flag”, the Scientology organization located in Clearwater, Florida, always promoted by the Church of Scientology as the “Mecca of Technical Perfection”, where auditors trained to the “highest” CoS training level, “Class XII”. EJ spent hundreds of thousand$ at Flag for “the best auditing”, before eventually coming to me to get patched up and moving in the direction of his spiritual goals.

Love, Dex

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