October 10


Here’s one being enjoying the Magic of the right spiritual handling for her, and waxing poetic :-)

(A day or two after a session I conducted, I was both honored and dazzled by what my PC presented me with-if I had that kind of talent I might be writing poems instead of conducting spiritual processing sessions!):

Here’s my new poem, written this morning! For Dexter.

The Magician

Here is the story that I must tell

From the highest cliff is where I fell
Into the flames of a ceaseless fight
Where light was dark and day was night

Daggers of thought pierced my mind
My view so blurred no truth to find
Endlessly missing the path to the top
No footing to find, only slippery rock

A shadow at first, so hard to see
The Magician, he looked like you or me
He offered his help, he offered his hand
The Magician, he knew the lay of the land

I wondered how he found me here
I wondered how he had no fear
He brought his light to help me see
The Magician had come from eternity

He was not afraid of the depths below,
Or the biting winds I’d come to know
The Magician was calm as he steadied my heart
With his cloud of magic, his skill, his art

Almost to the top I feared a fall
So often before, I’d lost it all
But his magic endured, his sparkles so bright
We walked on the air, like birds in flight

I could not believe I was finally free
At the top of the cliff, I looked down to see
So amazed with this magic I had to test
Would I fall again and be laid to rest

I walked off the cliff and stood in the air
His magic endured when even not there

The Gods now smile when he passes by
His powers protected in Earth and Sky
The Magician he holds the power of life
To help you through all the pain and strife
Oh yes, they smile when he passes by
For with his magic you can learn to fly!

(P.K., of California)

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  1.  That is simply beautiful. and I will add mine: 
    The cognitions are like pearls..
    Each one is being born out of pain and sufferings,
    They arise out of mystery, secrets and the deep darkness: the long forgotten.
    Yet how beautiful they are!
    They vary in their importance before they evaporate
    Yet they remain yours for eternity in form of invisible knowledge.
    The basic cognitions are the rarest of all pearls, since only few exist
    But their value is the exchange which buys your freedom out from the MEST Universe.
    I wish for you string of pearls containing: happiness, wisdom and knowledge.


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