November 19


“I no longer worry about the future. I know everything will be alright.”

I’ve been very busy lately, and have a little catching up to do in posting recent success stories, which I think are important to share, and inspiring to read. I love reading success stories- both those others share, and those of my PC’s.
Michael Priv is known to many of us; Michael was a Sea Org member for about 20 years, and as the person primarily responsible for translating Scientology materials for publication in Russian, routinely dealt and worked with the highest management people. He remains dedicated to making a positive difference in this world, even as his perspective on that subject is continuing to grow and evolve from the indoctrination he experienced in those times. Michael has been a PC of mine for some time now, and told me that he would like to publicly share the following:

“Hi Dexter,

My wins on this action as-is so quickly that they are hard to define.

First of all, my space expanded. I seem to be constantly exterior, happy most of the time, for no reason, like a beautiful sky, or a nice walk or my dog making funny faces at me or my dreams about the future. I sleep well now and have good dreams.

I feel a lot more pan-determined and have more ability to understand the opponent without the need to agree with them. At the same time I don’t feel angry toward people even if they disagree and don’t feel a compulsion to change their mind or prove them wrong. At the same time I see clearly how illogical most people around me are, how seriously their thinking machinery is messed up, how short their attention span is, how keyed in they get, how ser facs kick in, etc. I understand that now.

I feel that my postulates work better but there is this maddening comm lag when they seem to not work at all. But looking back, I see that postulates do in fact stick much more than before.

By the way, my cognitions in regards to making postulates stick keep coming between sessions. The last one was as monumental as completing an OT level! Here it is: postulate exists higher than energy in the realm of knowingness where it operates as 1 among trillions of postulates from me and other people. If a postulate is made from self-determined viewpoint, it will end up as a reality greatly modified by other viewpoints. It will turn into some averaged out reality or it would just get shut down entirely right at the start point by a barrage of counter-postulates. So in order to be effective, the postulates have to be made from a pan-determined viewpoint and take dynamics into consideration. It has to contain a component of balancing flows through adequate exchange.

The pan-determined viewpoint seems to get developed more through doingness of acquiring knowledge than by postulate but a decision is needed to start acquiring knowledge. So now we have education and learning as the major ingredient of making postulates work. Other viewpoints have to be actively let in and thought over. Any points of agreement have to be carefully isolated, acknowledged and internalized for a being to become progressively more pan-determined. So a person would have to be first of all willing to learn and then start actively learning from others. That is different from taking in data in order to make everybody wrong who has a different viewpoint. One has to be truly willing to learn if he wants to soar high. The moment he thinks he knows better (ha! Of course we know better than some superstitious shaman! Ha! Of course we know that Kabala is nonsense and only we in Scientology have ALL the answers!), he becomes self-determined and postulates don’t work as well. So he starts putting ethics in on himself in various areas of life (a wrong WHY prescribed by Scientology), gets introverted and plows nose first into asphalt. This is very major. This is an OT level right there.

I no longer worry about the future. I know everything will be alright.

I feel a lot more clean and ethical.

I am a lot more patient.

In terms of my body, I for the most part handled the condition that I wanted to handle which is severe heartburn after pretty much everything I ate.

My havingness increased but there is a lot more to do on that. But I do see that my havingness has increased.

Cognitions continue between sessions.

Thank you very much for all your work, Dexter!

Michael Priv”

Always Have Fun!
Love, Dex

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