Relief from a shocking moment

In PAB (Professional Auditor’s Bulletin) #80, issued in April 1956, there is a section entitled “Bottom rung of Dianetics found”, in which LRH describes having made a new discovery, isolating the most important part of an engram- “The moment of shock”, which is described as “the moment at which the thetan realizes that he is being overwhelmed”- more important than pain, unconsciousness, word content, etc. You can look up and read the full description in the tech volume covering April 1956. To my knowledge, the closest Ron ever came to issuing a procedure to handle the moment of shock is in Dating/Locating procedure, which is more likely to key out such a moment than actually erase it. That is certainly of value, but that’s as far as it went.
Scientology researcher Alan Walter went one better, in developing a full procedure for shock handling. I’ve learned through my own experience as an auditor of 3 basic situations for which this is the remedy:

(1) When a PC is complaining of an experience that has devastated them;
(2) When the PC, on running a handling an unpleasant sensation, cannot run the process because they are completely unwilling to experience any part of that sensation;
(3) On Power Processing, the PC cannot cycle through their track, but steadfastly only responds with answers relating to a singular experience
(Note; #’s 2 & 3 are actually manifestations of #1)

Just a few hours after a recent session in which I ran the Shock Handling Procedure, my PC emailed the following to me:

“Hi again 🙂 I’m sitting here still under the impression of what I have just faced, and all I can tell you right now is that we handled a very, very major thing- and the amazing part is that it was relatively easy, and had so many aspects that had been bothering me, and and turned out to all be connected, in a way which I was not aware of before.
Thank you so much for this great session-I’m looking forward to the next ones!”

No doubt, many people, upon reading the above, are recognizing that they have something going that needs such a handling. I’m available! 🙂

Love, Dex