June 15


Do not pass “Go” until you’ve paid $200,000

Recently, I’ve heard the same story about the CoS from three of my PCs. They all said something like this:
“After much Dianetic auditing, after a particular session, I discovered that I’d reached a wonderful state where I found I had great spiritual abilities and felt completely free of my reactive mind, and even the physical universe! I felt above and beyond all the mechanics of existence, I had great telepathic abilities, and was in a state of serenity.
When I told a person in the org about it, I was told, “You’ve gone ‘up the pole’, and you’ll crash back down.’ I was shown that what I had achieved was ‘not supposed to happen’ at ‘my level’ of their ‘grade chart.’ I was treated like I was deluded or lying, or cheating. Instead of being congratulated or any kind of considerate acknowledgment of how great I felt, I was essentially belittled and invalidated. My wonderful state and abilities gained became, somehow, a liability in that environment, something unacceptable. I was shocked and crestfallen, and then I crashed back down. Ever since then, I’ve been wishing I could recover what I had then.”
I was able to help each of these people; some success stories have already been posted, more will be. What occurred in each case was that the person ran headfirst into the ingrained resistance of those who bought too thoroughly into the rhetoric of the CoS that “the only valid spiritual abilities are ‘OT Abilities,’ and can only legitimately occur with our stated parameters, what the grade chart says they are, and where the grade chart says they occur.” (And, of course, only after hundreds of thousands of dollars have been extricated from the individual.)
CoS personnel, and those too thoroughly ingrained in that “think,” actually feel threatened at the implication of anything that challenges that viewpoint. They circle the wagons, and go into a full defense/attack mode, so as not to have their “stable data” wobbled — even when they are being confronted with something “Too” wonderful happening from application of the CoS tech!
Mind you, this invalidation is delivered by someone who represents the very organization through which the being achieved his gains. As a result, this invalidation can be completely destabilizing, particularly if the person lacks sufficient individual certainty, or they too closely associate anyone representing the CoS with any experience they have with the CoS. (That’s a far too common mistake, but a subject for a broader essay.)

The late Alan Walter, one of the brilliant Scientology researchers who contributed much processing material that was issued under Ron Hubbard’s name, termed this situation an “Ascension crash” — a very accurate term.
Having run into this phenomena with several former CoS PCs recently, I’m familiar with this condition, and have researched, trained and helped these people to fulfill their wishes to recover what they had lost. I would like to invite and encourage those of you who have this condition to contact me for help.

With Love, Dex

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