June 28


Jake’s first session experiences, a success story

This week I had the pleasure of providing Jake with his very first auditing experiences. He’d never had a session, taken a course or opened a book on the subject. Without any more indoctrination than a short conversation, we got right to it, and I could not be more pleased with how the experience went. Here’s what Jake had to say after the three sessions:

“Before I was in auditing I was very depressed and had a very low sense of self worth. I simply felt worthless. After my second session I had major results. My self-confidence has even gone through the roof and I can’t believe that I no longer have any depression. I feel like myself for the first time in my life without anything holding me back. I am now looking at the world clearly instead of trying to look through a fog.

Before I had a bottle where I put all of my problems into and now I can express myself freely and no longer bottle up anything. I can express myself freely without worrying about what someone thinks of me or whether I’m going to be accepted by someone. I feel like I got my freedom back after a lifetime of imprisonment.”

Great job, Jake! As you experienced, I can provide the questions, but you did all the looking and found all the answers!

Love, Dex

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