July 3


“After 5 or so sessions..”

Its always nice when a PC takes pleasure in sharing his perspective on his auditing gains. Mike is a former CoS staff member who contacted me through my website fairly recently, and has begun a schedule of regularly scheduled sessions:

“After 5 or so sessions with Dexter, I am experiencing myself as what I choose to label Aware Will Experiencing and Deciding. Issue by issue, my sessions have each culminated in very keen experiences of self expansion.
My states of awareness experienced, abilities gained and beingnesses attained, in some measure, are:
Deeper recognition of self as cause; responsibility
Experiencing havingness of desired states as a decision
Increased perception through heightened ARC
Realizing how a longtime identity has served me
Diminishment of the same identity to zero while experiencing the expansion of self.
I’m grateful for Dex’s perceptive auditing, always finding the needed process to do the job at hand. I look forward to many more sessions of expanded experiencing and awarenesses.
Eternal thanks. Mike-”

Love, Dex

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