July 19


“I’ve gotten my old strength back, and I may even be stronger than I was before”

‎”EJ” was originally referred to me for repair, suffering from frequent “panic attacks” (extreme, debilitating episodes of restimulations) following some badly misrun L’s auditing at Flag. Our sessions, mostly consisting of applications of Power Processing, Alan Walter’s Shock Handling, and rehabilitative process from Creation of Human Ability have been very successful for EJ. Today, He sent me the following testimonial, meant to be shared:

“I have done hundreds and hundreds of hours of Dianetics in the Church of Scientology. I had done Book 1 auditing, NED and EXDN, not to mention all types of FPRD and two Ls. When I first read Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health, it made so much sense that I had to try it. Eventually I found a course room in a city office and I was able to co-audit Dianetics. I not only had a terrific physical result, but also saw for myself a bit of my OT-ness, in that one short “little” session. I was so happy that I found Dianetics I decided I was going to do whatever it took to continue to avail myself of this technology. This was in the late 80’s.

Well, apparently there were some changes in the tech going on. Sure, I’ve had keyouts and at least one major stable win with the upcoming several hundreds of hours of Dianetic engram chain running and narrative style processing. But all of this expensive auditing wasn’t making as much of an impact on me as that one beginning Book 1 session. Then I had to stop auditing because it had been a couple of hundred hours and thousands of dollars since my last win. After finishing these Dianetic rundowns, I certainly felt in no way any closer to Clear in any shape or form, but actually felt worse, much worse, than when I started.

Dejected and in the throes of a new physical condition that I can only describe as brought upon by a lot (!!!!) of BPC, I found Dex. He did a non-Dianetic emergency handling of the acute physical condition and handled it in a few sessions. However, the shock of that condition was still with me and affecting my body in a very negative way, as well as my tone level. I was in deep apathy many times during many days and my body was also at a point where it almost couldn’t be controlled into doing anything.

So Dex did a shock handling. In one session, he removed the initial shock contained in the acute physical condition and I’ve gotten my old strength back, and I may even be stronger than I was before. For example, whereas it would take very much effort to run a mere half hour on a treadmill, after the shock handling I’m now running one and a half hours and am sprinting the final five minutes. My body seemed to have aged about 10 years after the onset of the physical condition, but now those 10 years of aging have been removed.

My new mantra with tech is, does it work, does it get results. I don’t care about levels, bridge, other rundowns, I only want tech that addresses current issues and that works. I want palpable wins and not be told I have wins simply because I finished a rundown. Dex has delivered in practically all of our sessions. I absolutely cannot say the same with the Church of Scientology’s “tech.” It is a ripoff that they’ve totally justified. Dex has handled me on that too.

Needless to say, the shock handling was very effective. I would highly recommend to anyone that’s had very harsh engrams this lifetime (and who hasn’t?) that they sit across from Dex (even over Skype; these efficacious results were done over the internet; beat that, CofS) and get some auditing from him. You’ll be in good, experienced hands.


E.J. “

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