August 14


“Freedom from the need to create games to keep myself grounded”

Its always a pleasurable experience to have my friend and PC Elli Fordyce, career jazz singer and longtime Scientologist, in session, just as its always a pleasurable experience to enjoy her recorded You Tube performances.
Over the past few sessions, we addressed what had been hot case items for her with tailored applications of Power Processing, and Elli was happy to publicly share her gains.

From one session: “I’ve just had an astounding realization about how powerful we are!” Elli expressed her attained state as “Freedom from the Need to Create Games to Keep Myself Grounded”:
“Whopping cog-I suddenly cogged that ever since my big win in ’68, as-ising the MEST U I’ve been creating games which create “symptoms” and drama just to keep me here to accomplish my intended contributions. As I typed that, even more rolled off- Whew!- and I’m seeing that with others I know in their versions of it. Games seem so much less serious now, or at least their results do. Great stuff. I’ve had many cogs that did that big unfolding, connecting thing. It’s been a while and feels really good happening this time”

From another session, in which we addressed a career-long problem she called “That singing thing”, of nervousness connected to performing. Very shortly thereafter, in the morning, preparing for a performance that day, :

“This is the best I’ve ever felt before a gig, no nerves, no anxiety, thanks, Dex”

Thank YOU, Elli, keep singing!

Love, Dex

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