September 5


On the subject of “suppressive persons”, a rational perspective

For some time now, I have basically seen through the concept of the “suppressive person”, in my view it is the oldest game in this universe- create an effect, and gain persistence through assignment of mis-ownership, in other words, blame. Where one accepts responsibility for what one experiences (through recognizing their craving for the effect in the first place) there are no “suppressive persons”, only convenient game partners and environmental tools.

When I hear a person go on about “SP’s” and/or “suppressive organizations”, I see it for what it is, the being is reveling in the games of their own choice. This is a good example of why, in the Book of Case Remedies, LRH defined the purpose of Scientology as being “To bring about the playing of a better game”. That is the ultimate solution to the tendency to go PTS- decide to play a better game, and do so.

Of course, one can continue to go on and on about “the suppressive enemy”, if that’s the tone and level of existence one prefers.

In all the “PTS handlings” I have ever done, going back about 30 years, every single one was resolved, not by disconnecting, not by “recognizing the external source”, but by recognizing one’s own responsibility for the “situation”.

John McMasters, working at Hubbard’s bequest to solve the puzzle, had it right back in 1965:

Love, Dex

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