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E.J.’s success story: “Cutting through the Gordian knot”

E.J. had received extensive auditing at the Church of Scientology’s “Flag” international headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, which they promote to be “the mecca of technical perfection”. Despite the promotional hyperbole, it was for him a bad experience, with pronounced adverse mental effects. E.J. was referred to me by another highly experienced topnotch independent practitioner whose schedule was too full to take him on at this time. This is what he wanted to share after a session earlier this week:

During my last Power auditing session, I encountered the heaviest engram in my auditing history. The content of the engram was very much in restim on a daily basis. Daily my mind was not focused on important things but was focused in a direction that can be termed non-optimum survival. This was so very much the case that the restim seemed to be a totally immoveable object, or a Gordion Knot. It seemed like the Power session cut right through the Gordion Knot and I’ve been given a return of some of my own basic stability. I had serious doubts before session that this could be handled even a tiny bit, but I’ve made a serious dent in this aspect of case.

I’d like to thank Dex for his expert auditing and LRH and everyone involved for making this Power Processing a reality for me. Several other major actions inside the Church of Scientology did absolutely nothing to handle this case for me, case that has been with me for a very long time, case that I’ve wanted handled ever since my first reading of Dianetics. Only now, outside of the church, in my second auditing session, is that case now being addressed, and successfully!
E.J., August 2011

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