August 20


E.C, finds the words..

One of my current PC’s was still “percolating” with changes and realizations 2 weeks after their session, experiencing and enjoying, and so not yet ready to continue with auditing. Today, E.C.’s universe settled down from all the changing and realigning, and E.C. was able to find the words for this latest session experience, and the changes thereof:

“I feel very open and fresh, there has been so much as-ised in my universe, and there is very little that bothers me.
If there is something that bothers me, it’s no longer in the sense that I sit there and ponder about it, but its rather a rational emotion and I don’t hang on it or linger on it for a long time.
When people speak to me, I don’t have facsimilies coming in, although I do have pictures that I can create on the subject that anyone may discuss with me. I feel free of restimulation and I find myself in a place where nothing really bothers me much; I don’t care to take part in to people’s BS or any other games that I don’t consider to be best for all of my dynamics. I just don’t care to feed the fire, I’ve lost interest in that.
I find myself operating on “what’s true for you is true for you”, without feeling any need to evaluate or invalidate. I feel totally at cause! A thetan operates by choice, what you get is what you choose!

This is true!

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