August 6


Testimonial: EC’s Story: “Life is a journey…”

Life is a journey. I believe that life is all about creating, and that creating has no limits or boundaries. I believe that a being is capable of achieving anything he truly wants. Unfortunately, my observation has been that the ability to create has come to a screeching halt for many, and that many of us live in darkness. I’ve known and observed the adherents of numerous religions, and experienced several of these for myself. It seems to me that people tend to follow the leading voice of a religion and find comfort and security in being told what to do, and that few of us stand up and think for ourselves.

I’m saying these things here to share my reality, and my experiences and observations with all; I’ve never been one to blindly accept, uninspected, the things I was told by my parents, friends or churches. I wanted something more. I always wanted to explore my abilities and the possibilities in my life; really, I just wanted to create for myself a better state of beingness, and come to understand who I am.

Not too long ago, I began experiencing auditing sessions with Dex, not knowing what to really expect. To my surprise, I fell in love with the fact that I was getting a ton of wins. Problems that I have been audited on before by other auditors suddenly began disappearing, my raging anger and bypassed charge lessening greatly; I mean, I am getting quick results here, guys!

I had been accustomed to worrying about what others are doing, and now, suddenly, I no longer care so much to sit and ponder, and investigate; now I find me thinking for myself. I had been feeling like I was dragging my meat bag (body) around places; suddenly I am skipping through the store aisles as if I were a feather floating through the air, and seeing that I as a being am ahead of the MEST universe and everything else is behind me. From having facsimiles and thoughts of “what if”, I find myself mentally unencumbered and at total peace, without need to ponder or question things, and being simply OK with what is, enjoying myself for who I am and where I am. From having a sour disposition to bursting out with laughter, and at the most interesting and random things, such as when I’m driving. Can you imagine driving and laughing your ass off while you have other drivers looking at you and wondering what the hell you’re laughing at? I think you catch my drift! I no longer care about what people have to say to me about others or if they try to convince me to do things a certain way; I think for myself and I follow my own ways, what is real and true to me, and that is just what I will continue to do.

I went with Dex, because he grants me so much beingness, he listens and understands. He is supportive of other auditors and does not evaluate or speak badly of other auditors or PCs. I like Dex, because he does not put up with BS and confronts matters right on the spot. I continue with Dex because I am having so many wins. I’m getting great results from his auditing of me. I strongly believe that this is what it’s all about, that I am winning, I’m achieving my goals for my auditing, and I am expending on all my dynamics. When all is said and done, I believe that it’s all about ARC, and my experience has been that Dex has awesome ARC.

Your friend,
E. C.

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