September 27


It CAN be Handled

The following volunteered success story was emailed to me last week, following a productive session we had earlier that day:

In today’s Power session, Dex handled some heavy charge of mine and helped me through it. Something that had been bugging me for decades had started turning on very acutely recently, so after I told Dex about it, he right there made the appropriate changes to my program. No waiting 2-4 days for the adjustments to be made in your folders, like at Flag.

LRH said that if you have a failed purpose, you have to “rekindle the failed purpose.” I had had a failed purpose to go up the Bridge. That Bridge is now a travesty of LRH’s actual route to freedom. Indeed, at Flag, I had so many stops on my lines that it was becoming an overt in Flag’s eyes for me to originate that I wasn’t winning, even after having L’s rundowns. Even my desire for wins was “made wrong” and they (the triumvirate of C/S, ethics officer and auditor) forced me to think that my desire for a win was the result of a hidden standard.

Dex has done what I felt was impossible; rekindle my failed purpose of going up the Bridge. The Flag apparatus (or should I say Apparatchik?) has a major source of competition here, a one-man operation in Northern California. Actually, it’s no competition really; unless Flag gets their humanity back, Dex has them beat hands-down. His “care factor” and purpose as an auditor are so high that I strongly believe these factors are why DEXTER’S POWER SESSIONS ARE MORE EFFECTIVE THAN FLAG’S L’S RUNDOWNS.

If you have doubts about the “progress” you’re making in the Church, or, if you’ve quietly left the Church and, just like me, felt a huge loss across your dynamics, I invite you to talk to Dex. I sincerely hope that you will become as excited as I am about going free, for real. Dex is the win I want others to have.



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