September 29


New PC ends drug use

I recently took on a new PC who had never experienced processing before. Her parents were Scientologists, and her mother was happy to find out that her daughter was now ready and interested, sought someone qualified and experienced in the region, and was connected to me.
We began with an interview, in which it came up that this young lady currently uses marijuana.
Rather than trying to enforce that she must discontinue drug use, or give her an ultimatum that it was “my way or the highway”, I gave her a sample session of objective processing, which went very well, and then explained to her that while I wasn’t about to force a decision on her, continued indulging in drugs would certainly diminish how well the processing would work for her, and if she was going to continue drug use, I would do my best to give her good results, but the effectiveness will be compromised. I also told her that the most important thing to me was that she continued to be completely honest and communicative with me. With this in mind, we agreed to an auditing schedule.
Yesterday, the PC showed up for session, and when I checked for drugs/alcohol, she told me she’d had none since her previous session, and that she’d made a decision that she wanted all she could get out of her case handling, and so she was done with drugs!
We went in session, and she did extremely well. I couldn’t feel happier for the PC, her mother, and myself!

Love, Dex

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