December 10


“I am eternally grateful for the experiences I have shared in”

A few months ago, I was contacted through my website by a gentleman in Australia who was curious to find out what value Scientology processing might have for him. His own research had made him wary of the CoS, and after checking with my contacts and colleagues, no Freezone practitioners were known to exist in his region, and so this was a good opportunity to make use of Skype. I provided the necessary indoctrination, did an interview to ascertain areas of charge and interest, and then programmed and audited Sean on an introductory Life Repair program. This week, he was moved to volunteer his own testimonial, below. For my part, it is always a pleasure to help a fellow seeker accomplish some enlightenment, and of course, to make a new friend in the process. When I arrived home from the Freezone convention in Las Vegas, this story was sitting in my inbox:

“To all Seekers, Explorers and Adventurers,

I have decided on my own merit to write some words around Dex and the time I have spent getting to know him over the period of approximately 6 months. In the latter part of this time we undertook various processes as he became my auditor. The results I came to experience ranged from subtle to gross but they all shared the quality of becoming transformative to my life.

To firstly detail my own path, I have always been curious about philosophies, religion and all things spiritual and ethereal. Scientology presented itself to me some time ago and in the beginning I spent some time undertaking a personal exploration of its ideas and practical applications. Soon after, I became disheartened as the darker and more negative aspects of the religion came to the surface through the exposure of critics and internet groups. As a result I abandoned my exploration.

However, after some time I felt my curiosity and interest return – I realised I had departed my original efforts unfinished and ultimately unfulfilled. Returning to explore its teachings I stumbled across the Freezone as a safe route which could entered through objectively. From the individuals here I felt warmth and an opening of arms from the very start. Eventually I encountered a presence online by the name of Dex. Through his writings and videos I felt an urge to get in contact and talk with him directly. From our first conversation I could tell we were two individuals who were of the same spirit, and who held similar motivations to search for our own truths.

In our first interactions Dex took his time getting to know me. Asking about my experiences with Scientology I was surprised to hear him asking many general questions leading to the personal, the purpose in which to construct a complete picture of who I was. The time came when he asked if I was ready to do an interview to open about some painful experiences and memories (more aptly those which I felt still held impact and influence on my life). Approaching this time I held a small fear that I was about to open up to someone in the traditional sense that I did not know for that long. However, I cannot put into words the amount of comfort and trust I felt with Dex from very early on. This is one of his natural abilities. To make someone feel completely at ease no matter what they are facing.

Soon another challenge arose – I was going to do this via a medium which a large part of me felt was somewhat impersonal by default – via an online video link on Skype. Time passed, and the interview was completed. I felt like I had just released some of my most personal truths to a new friend, and in doing so became to feel more space develop within myself.In our next session Dex introduced me to running Rudiments and some further basic processes to get me comfortable with the format of auditing. We would continue to do this on a weekly basis.

From the start I began to run processes on those engrams which I needed to summon courage to face. In my first session I was able to face and let go aspects of my life which had held me captive for years. No other therapy had been able to penetrate to the heart of the problem, or more accurately guide me to face those barriers with confidence.

The qualities of auditing which appealed to me from the beginning was Dex’s philosophy that it is an active process by both the auditor and the individual. They need to become a participant in their healing in order for benefit and progress be made. I agree with this idea, and I have felt the benefits of this mindset engaging in session after session. The results it achieves are nothing short of amazing.

There remains one quality of auditing that became apparent to me as being the catalyst for change within myself. It has been solely responsible for enabling positive transformation to occur. That is the relationship that I have come to create with Dex as another human being. Through laughter and the encouragement to confront challenges Dex remained by my side undeterred. Seeing me at my most vulnerable he never backed down and remained by my side all the way. Because of this even after a short, but intensive period of time I consider Dex a good friend. One in the beginning I didn’t think I would ever meet.

In conclusion, I hope the words I have constructed above provide a small insight into the benefits that can be achieved through undertaking auditing, in particular with Dex as the choice to lead you towards fulfilling your goals for personal growth.

I first arrived in this space with only limited knowledge of Scientology, its philosophies and practical applications. I held my fair share of doubts and critiques, along with a skeptical headspace. However, I was able to recognise that I held a curiosity that needed to be satisfied to see what inside of myself was seeking an outlet. I now stand here standing stronger, and more confident than ever. I still hold many of the same fears, but my connection with them has been changed for the better. No longer are they limiting my growth – they are instead nourishing it becoming a source of learning. I am eternally grateful for the experiences I have shared in.



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