January 7


Observations on Spirituality vs Religionism

credit: Stokpic.com/Ed Gregory
credit: Stokpic.com/Ed Gregory

Where there is religion, there are “enemies”, “evil ones” who must be destroyed or defeated, and the idea that “we have the one and only true way”, and all others are “lost” until they “see the light”, “come to their senses”, and “find and accept the way”.
In spirituality there is the concept of “Namaste”, no imposition of “holier than thou”; the principle of “I bow to the divine in you”.

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  1. And I would like to add: “one-itis” is a spiritual malady … which we shall let fade away …

    I believe that, as that which we resist persists: In non-resistance and oneness consciousness, we open the way for “others” to to either join us in a “peace consciousness” or just simply withdraw … I have begun to experience this 🙂

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