December 26


Looking back, several months later..

credit: Sydney Osborne
credit: Sydney Osborne

Happy holidays, everyone!
A few of my clients have seen fit to share with me a summation of the changes they’ve experienced through their processing over the past year. EC had last been in session with me several months ago, and wanted to share his observations from that perspective:

Just wanted to say thank you again for the help you gave me. Thanks for taking the trouble and the time to care for me and use your expert skills to dissipate the charge. I’ve held my gains and I feel more like life is a “glass half-full” rather than a “glass half-empty.” My physical symptoms have improved, but surprisingly my “spiritual symptoms” have improved even more. I find it easier to apply, or just be, the “What Is Greatness” writeup. When I read LRH these days, I get more out of it using your points of view, points of emphasis and your experiences, as well as my own. I feel people like you and I are the only ones really duplicating and applying LRH, and even taking it to the next level.

Anyway, I hope you and Marina have a great Xmas, and are preparing yourself for a great 2015! I know your practice has increased this year, and I suspect even more newbies and ex-churchies will be finding their way to you. I know you’ll be ready for them and they’ll be keyed-out knowing they’re finally going to be duplicated and get some real help. Keep up the excellent work!
Best wishes, EC”

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