December 19


Contemplating the Many Changes..

credit: Gregory
credit: Gregory

I like to think that my admiration for your auditing skill – and for you personally – is self-evident. But every so often it’s important to say so out loud. Especially when I’ve gotten to the point where auditing has become miracles-as-usual.
This morning, however, I realized there was something more to it. I contemplated the many remarkable changes I have experienced over the past year. In doing so, I realized that the processes that had the biggest impact on me were the ones you personally developed or enhanced. “Auditor” isn’t the right word for what you do, anymore, though I don’t know what the right term should be.
While there’s plenty of good stuff in the standard Scientology processes, the best results (for me at least) have come from the tech you fine-tuned, such as shock handling, personality image processing, and the polished service-fac process.
That’s not to disparage the tech we both started with – not in the least! It is as precious as ever. But it’s as though you took rhythm-and-blues and transformed it into rock and roll. The roots are visible to anyone who knows music, and it comes from the same place… but rock and roll is so much more accessible, and easy to sing along with, and its lyrics extend far beyond the subjects the blues take on.
There’s a difference between a computer programmer and a software architect, after all. The former uses tools and processes that others created – sometimes brilliantly. But a software architect designs an entire system in his head, and sees how to solve a problem in a new way. Or perhaps the analogy should be that someone can play a guitar brilliantly by following the notes someone else wrote – but never create a new song herself.
In Scientology, we don’t have a word to describe that “creator” role – but you absolutely have achieved the distinction. And boy oh boy am I glad you did.
P.S. Yeah, I never write success stories for publication. But you can use this one if you like. ☺

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