November 26


“I deeply appreciate the transformation that has been happening..”

Boomerang Nebula

Hi Dex
The focus of my recent sessions with you has been to handle the unconscious replication of an identity that has been affecting all aspects of my life, particularly my relationships. I was able to realise that this identity was self envisioned under the guise of keeping me safe. With your guidance, I permeated this identity at the point I originally created it. As I did this, I watched the identify dissolve until there was only a residue of the energy signature remaining. Had I been doing this alone, I would have stopped at this point, believing it would continue to unfold to completion. You encouraged me to keep permeating. Holding this focus, I observed the energy signature shear off into gold particles and beams of gold light and come into my body.Just allowing it to happen, I noticed my heart expand and turn gold. As this continued my awareness expanded effortlessly. There were no edges to my awareness. I felt very serene and joyful, connected to everything, everywhere. In that moment I connected to my core serenity. Very beautiful 🙂 I realised that this presence is always there, always available. Separation is an illusion. It also takes a lot of effort to hold separation and isn’t much fun! Actually it’s boring.
Thank you for your loving presence, wisdom and delicious sense of humour. I deeply appreciate the transformation that has been happening and am so enjoying connecting with my core serenity. I am now playing a bigger game of expanded awareness.

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