November 21


“This is positive gain Auditing at its best”

credit: Gregory
credit: Gregory


I’d like for you to publish my Wins from Power Processing and I want to acknowledge your skills as an Auditor. I prefer Power Processing to most other Auditing I’ve tried in the past. This is positive gain Auditing at its best. The sad thing is I never got to experience this kind of top quality processing when in the freezone. Thankfully I never was in the the Scn church. This kind of Auditing has helped me progress so so far as a being in such a short time. What more can i ask for as a PC. I’m now Happy. I’m able to cruise now. Apart from just keeping my ruds in, no other action needed.

Dexter is amazing with his ability to parallel the mind. I feel fully understood and duplicated. I as a Thetan needed such a powerful Auditor as Dexter to help me Ascend higher and higher. I always feel safe in his hands. This is why I return to him, again and again. I know he will know what’s needed to help me free myself further. I just know. Please all of you out there try Power Processing from Dexter. I trust my own Knowingness and found Dexter as an Auditor. I’ve asked Dexter to train me as an Auditor. I will duplicate his abilities as an Auditor. I too want to deliver Power Processes to others.

Scotland, UK

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