January 21


Past Life Experiences in Processing Sessions

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For all the fascination and importance Scientologists seem to be indoctrinated to shower on past life incident experience recollections (“whole track”, in Scientologese, in reference to the individual spiritual being’s full eternal “time track”)- there seems to be some sort of assumption that “the further back you go, the deeper you are running, the greater the magnitude of case gain”. Based on thousands of hours of session experience, I continue to observe that far more frequently, the opposite is true.
While “whole track” and “space opera” can be so intriguing, and often people seem to feel they have some higher status based on their degrees of recollection of past lives, over and over and over, I’m seeing the most substantial and truly life-changing gains are far more frequently accomplished through processing material closer to here and now, particularly early this lifetime. Same thing goes for processing relationships with those closest to us here and now. In retrospect, these things seem obvious: what is closer to us, be it in space or time, tends to have greater influence over our present existence.
I’m reminded that Alan Walter made similar observations. “Earlier” does not equate to “more important”. For those who have studied (and/or experienced) Power Processing well, this seems analogous to how “cycling on the track” creates a much bigger effect case gain-wise than the “going earlier similar” of processing “chains” of related incidents in reverse chronological sequence, aka Dianetics.
In two of the three sessions I ran today, the clients, each of them having had a long history of processing, including frequently having “gone whole track”, expressed surprise, and great appreciation of the magnitude of how relevant and life-changing the processing of early this lifetime material has turned out to be.
Note, I never direct a client to address any particular section of time track, I simply direct them toward whatever material is manifesting, without reference to “earlier” or “later”.
Here is how one of today’s clients expressed this:

“Wow, it blows my mind that things from this life can be so profound!”
(Both of the aforementioned clients from today used the word “profound” in expressing this)
“Really amazing, I’m so much more open and aware, I’m starting to draw the things to me that I want! I like people more, too-my energy is flowing!”

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