April 6


Connection and Disconnection

A few days ago, while auditing a PC, something came up that continues to resonate for me. With that PC’s permission to refer to that matter without identifying the PC, I’ll explain:

It came up in our session that 30 years ago, the PC’s spouse had a good friend who, at the direction of the Church of Scientology, disconnected from them. Even 30 years later, the PC felt a need to express the degree of distress this created.

The point here is not to cover old territory about the misbehavior of the CoS. The fact is that disconnection is, overall, an extremely disturbing and hurtful experience, which is endemic in the culture of this planet, something all of us do, and each of us experiences the effects of. Not to lessen the overts of the CoS, but we so commonly dismiss or cut off others that we barely give it a conscious thought thereafter.

The most basic disconnection I am aware of is that which is actually the basis of GPM’s, which, as far as we can see, is the very core of case. They are very highly charged, and loaded with attitudes, emotions, sensations and pains, bringing about compulsive and total shifts of beingness, shutting off natural perception of everything. All the phenomena south of the state of clear- ARC breaks, overts and withholds, problems, inabilities to communicate, service facsimlies, and engrams themselves- are later on the chain ramifications of GPM’s.

The basis of GPM’s- the event that sets off the dramatizations of “opterming”- that is, chronic and severe conflicts with others- is the moment of the shock of a rupturing of a co-beingness- the instant of moving away from connection. Such intense feelings experienced as abandonment and betrayal originate in this.

All of this is, of course, a created thing, as in the theta universe, we are always all connected. We are unconscious to the degree that we deny our connectedness. We commonly do what is called “compartmenting”- we mock up continuums in time and overall space as being carved into walled off sections, with separating boundaries.
All concepts of separateness- being in some way “walled off” from people, places or any point on the track of time are pretenses- mock-ups-creations. The more we deconstruct these walls, the free-er we are, the more in communication we are, the more aware we are, the higher toned we are, the more OT we are.

Conversely, every time we resolve to cut off another person, to have nothing further to do with them, the more we restimulate the severe charge and intense feelings encapsulated in our GPM’s, and those of others. In the bigger sphere, we perceive what we create, and we create what we perceive, and regardless of what “flow” we perceive something to be “compartmented” into- self to others, others to self, etc, whichever- in fact, all actions permeate and encompass all “flows”.

The word “disconnection” is something we associate as a “suppressive practice by the Church of Scientology”- well, yes, it is, but the action therein is anything but limited to CoS participants. It IS every bit as hurtful as in that connotation. In social relationships, business, casual and intimate relationships, we dramatize our GPM’s when we decide to completely cut off another being.

Sometimes in life, we find it practical to distance ourselves from people, locations and moments of time that overwhelm us, or otherwise present us with some undesirable, difficult to experience effect. Consider changing your operating basis even in those situations, to instead deciding to simply allow that person, situation or thing to be. I think that if this is consciously practiced, existing case will dissipate, instead of going more solid.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words Anita, coming from you this means a lot to me, my dear friend, I know we will continue to appreciate all that we can learn from each other!

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