March 15


“Just what the Dr ordered”

I generally include in any program for a PC starting auditing with me (whether or not they have previous auditing) a battery of model session processes from the early 1960’s to help the PC to establish the auditor, the auditing environment, and the session, handle any basic considerations or “A=A’s” on these items. Many of these can be found in the Introductory and Demonstration Processes Handbook, and I strongly recommend that reference and those processes to all auditors. I must give credit to my dear friend Anita Warren of the Life Enhancement Center for having brought my attention to these a couple of years ago; I had read an outstanding success story written by one of her PC’s, and I asked her if she would share a copy of the program she used, which she graciously did, and so I became aware from the notations on the program where those processes were found.

In this particular case, I ran this PC on the “ARC Process 1961”, to which I added commands to compensate for auditing flows which weren’t in use at the time the process was written:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
“Hi Dex
I just have to tell you that Help process we ran last session was just what the Dr ordered. I used to have flashbacks about relationships with people where I thought I could have done better. These flashbacks would happen 15 to 20 times through out the day. Almost anything would trigger a thought and my face would actually wince with regret. Although I tried to hide the wince when others were around the thoughts still would just crash in on me.
After running that process I have noticed today and yesterday a percolation as you call it and the thoughts are not around as much. Its great not to have those moments around.
I don’t know how you knew to run that process because, the wincing issue didn’t even come up in the initial interview. You must be psychic!
Anyway, thanks for a great session! You rock!!!!
PS You have my permission to post anonymously.”

Love, Dex

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