August 18


“With Dex running the session, you are safe and in good hands”

Auditor: Dexter Gelfand

Success Story
Mike Horton

Dexter Gelfand was my first Scientology auditor on Life Repair at CCNY circa 1989. I had recently discovered Hubbard’s works and was eager to see if there was anything to this “e-meter” and auditing. Just previously, I had experienced a few hours of “book one” with another person, which I had found quite interesting and illuminating.

Life Repair was a wonderful action; plus, to my mind, Dexter and I made a great team. We completed Life Repair in about 10 hours of auditing. In this short action, we covered and handled everything I was concerned about, was interested in, and wanted addressed. The stability from that action is still fresh and present today.

After Life Repair, there were some hours remaining and Dexter gave me most of my “Objectives” – again, to the highest standard and result.

This auditing was the best I ever had, reaching deeper and resulting in gains that could be termed permanent.

Soon after that, I lost track of Dex for over 20 years, as he left the “church” and my involvement was intermittent and spotty for years after that auditing.

During the later intervening years, I spent close to a half million dollars on auditing and some training – the preponderance of that auditing at Flag. While I had several excellent auditors and some good “wins” during that time, The results Dex and I got remain the best of the lot.

Recently, we re-connected on the ESMB message board and I count him among my best and closest friends, despite the fact that we live a continent apart and have not seen each other face to face since that time in New York 20+ years ago.

The relationship and connection between auditor and auditee (note no caps or jargon) is unlike others; and, the bonds established are, in my opinion, of permanent duration and exceptional power when properly established and maintained.

Dexter has my authorization to have anyone considering being audited by him contact me directly, person to person, if they so desire. He has my highest recommendation and trust.

Nothing above should be construed to relate to, approve of or recommend the organized “Church of Scientology” in any way, shape, form or fashion.

With Dex running the session, you are safe and in good hands.


Mike Horton

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