December 20


Realizations from taking in this website

Catherine Von Ach is a Scientologist who contacted me to share wins she had upon reading and considering information and viewpoints I published on my website. As you will see, she is a former Flag NOT’S pre- OT. Catherine sent me the following:

I read something by you, an essay about how a person can be audited on the Bridge, bypassing the things that are really bothering him/her. This has definitely happened to me, and I had cognitions for days on you what you wrote. I think you are completely right about this. I have been on OT V at Flag, but am now an Independent Scientologist. That is when I requested to be your friend on FB. Thank you so much for this. I actually did something about this is the real physical universe, and I am very different now. Feel like I handled my whole track ruin. Just had to let you know!
Thank you again for that essay. Also, it changed how I deal with people in life. I realized that in dealing with the person in front of you, no matter what you are trying to do with them, that which they have their attention on could distract them from whatever you are trying to accomplish, or even from the conversation you are trying to have. It gives a whole different orientation on the Non-Existence formula, providing what is needed and wanted. Thank you so much for this — it has really changed my life!!!

Dexter, you are very welcome to post my message on your website. I also have a second part of that win, which is more personal, dealing with the whole track ruin. Gazillions of years ago, my communication was completely shut down, and I decided to die as a solution to the problem. I have roller-coastered on communicating/not communicating, over and over. The actions I took after my realizations from your essay have terminatedly handled that. Because my business, real estate, is based on communication, my money would roller-coaster, right along with these periodic shut-downs of my communication. I have had endless and extreme difficulties with this. I lost, literally, millions, if not hundreds of millions, of dollars, due to this thing going in and out of restimulation. This is terminatedly handled now, and I know I will never be the same. All of this could have been easily handled in session, along with Ethics, if technical terminals would have actually realized that I had attention on this area that had never been handled. Just becoming aware of this through your essay, allowed me to quickly do a real physical universe PTS handling, and I have been flying ever since!!!!! I know that I will never roller-coaster on this area again, will never decide to quit communicating as a solution to problems, will never decide to quit living (and surviving) again, and my money lines are opening up as never before, as I restore the communication lines I had shut down! Thank you again, Dexter, and this is O.K. to publish, too.

P.S. I am in a whole new range of knowledge and ability, and plan to Flourish and Prosper as never before!
Love, Catherine von Ach


I do try to make my website interesting, informative and inspiring, so its a nice win for me to see that through it I’ve made a difference in another’s life. Everyone is invited to visit my website, and post any comments and reflections:

my website:

I also have an active auditing practice, including life repair, wants handled, grades, NED, auditing repair and Power Processing.

Love, Dex
Dexter Gelfand
Power Processing specialist

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