February 22


Why it is the height of absurdity to judge our fellow beings.

Judgment is a prime example of a human failing, actions can be judged. Statements can be judged. Attitudes can be judged. Results can be judged. But as for judging our fellow beings, it is the height of absurdity to fail to recognize anyone as a being of pure love, compromised by the impurities and contaminations inherent in the ongoing accumulation of fears and misguided attempts at defensive “solutions“. If a person feels loved, then they have no use for fear. If someone seems to be in a bad way, you don’t judge them. You love them. When you feel loved, and you have no fear of not being loved and accepted, you can be fully present as the loving being you are. This is your essence. And a being who is fully present is incapable of saying or doing anything that could be badly judged.

Love, Dex

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