Two Weeks Later: “My world is truly different and I am looking and orienting myself to it”

The beginning of a journeyI have read many wins from people on their auditing right after completing an action ( which is great), but I haven’t seen too many from those who have completed an action a couple of weeks to a month afterwards…. and that is what this is all about.
I completed my auditing with Dex about two weeks ago on what I wanted to handle… and handle we did. As the days move on I see that what we addressed is truly gone. I am no longer affected by it. My world is truly different and I am looking and orienting myself to it. As time moves forward, when I have something pop up I see that it is rooted in nothing and it quickly blows. In fact, I look forward to things coming to light and see it as a further cleansing. It is tough for something to hurt you when you see it being there with delight.
What I love the most is the validation on who I truly am. I have been operating under stops and invalidation my entire life. What was most amazing is realizing that through all that the true me.. who I am… has always shined through. No matter what I did, I truly couldn’t hold myself back that well…!

So that is the update that I wanted to pass on. This truly isn’t the end of my journey.. it is just the beginning.
LJ, June 2015

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