June 5


“My life is much brighter now… I still marvel as I look around..”

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A client of mine decided to write a testimonial to share his success:

While sitting here I was going over the accomplishments of my sessions and I can truly say that I reached the goals that I set and more.

What I came to realize is that the reason I reached out for help was just a symptom of what was going on.

My original reason for seeking help was my failures in relationships. My divorce was finalized and I just didn’t understand what was going on.

Well the date of my divorce being final came and I knew all was well. I had a list of loss of havingness, but I took care of that myself. What really amazes me is that my relationship with women is so much better.

I can talk and understand and most of all cleared up many games that I was playing on myself. I have a new knowingness on who I am and what I have to offer.

What I love most about my processing is I know that I didn’t just handle things… they are gone.

While processing, I realized that my problem in relationships was just a shield to protect myself. To hold myself back from experiencing something that I decided that I didn’t want to happen. No Ethics Officer can indict stronger than our own self determinism.

All of this hinged on one incident where I set the guidelines for this life and chose to punish myself and “not know.” While looking this over I understand why I made those choices… and the mindset that came to that.

I truly see, on a heart level, that I was the one who decided this, but I also saw the mindset and how I got there. I am responsible, but I see how I gave my knowingness and understanding to someone else who applied things wrong and spun me out.

I got outside the fog and got in touched with the true me on the other side and realized and saw my greatness that has been shining through the cracks all along.

For years I have been “fighting Scientology/” I have been following “Anti” sites and keeping up with its demise. I know at some level that this wasn’t the healthiest thing I could do, but I was fixated. But now my interest isn’t there like it used to be. Part of me feels for what people are going through who feel the need to attack. I see it as the flip side of the same coin. But that too is OK. This is their process and I wish them nothing but the best on their journey.
My life is much brighter now. My sense of sight, smell, and other things have improved dramatically. I still marvel as I look around at my sharper, clearer world.

This is just one step in my journey and I am sure that I will continue on it one day.

L.J., May 29, 2015

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