July 1


“An Explosive Sensation of Being Everyone”

Sunset over mountains
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Good morning, Dex,

After our recent sessions, much unfolding has been taking place in my universe, and this is still continuing for me. I’ve been thinking about consciousness and how concerned we can be worrying about whether our consciousness will go on after our body dies. And wondering what part of us, as our inherent consciousness, we fear would be a part that wouldn’t go on. Which made me think about how if we are born in a new life, we’ll have vastly different experiences due to when and where we’re born, the socio-economic status of our birth, and what sort of people we live with in our early years. I can see that so much of what we believe to be true about our lives is created and affected throughout our lives by our experiences and decisions. By the culture in which we live, the people we know, the information we are exposed to.

I spend a fair amount of time wondering what it would be like to be/do/have different kinds of experiences. There are so many amazing experiences to have that run the gamut of human emotion and morality, with so many differing views. I’m so curious about all of these things. I want to grok the horrible, as well as the amazing, because I want to be able to relate to all aspects of life.

I see that consciousness changes according to how it’s tended in a given environment, and that because I can tap into different parts of the river of consciousness – whether it’s all just past lives of my own, or whether it’s something more encompassing that we can all tap into – it means I am/have been/can be any kind of viewpoint that can exist.

Following all these trails of thought brought me to an explosive sensation of Being Everyone. Like the bit of consciousness I currently am is directly connected to everyone else’s tendril of consciousness. And I feel expanded as a result. And more causative. I can have any viewpoint because I *could* have any viewpoint. I’m not limited by my current state of consciousness, but am free to experience any beingness or view. That’s what consciousness is.

June 29 2015

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