The Ultimate Barrier

Over the course of my life and work, I’ve come to see how we hold ourselves down, that something in us can withhold permission to have our dreams come true, to be too big, too powerful, to fly too high. There’s a part of us that says that we are undeserving, or incapable. Or that we will abuse or waste such power, harm others, or fail. There is a part of ourselves that is afraid to ask for too much, the part that says “I could never be, or have, something that great”. I believe this to be our ultimate barrier.

We all need to forgive, trust and love ourselves. We all need to recognize just how vital this is. Part of that journey is to recognize how and why we’ve fallen into a negative attitude about ourselves and what the consequences of this have been, so as to understand how damaging this has been. Then we can reconsider our choices and take on a winning attitude.

Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling can help.

— Love, Dex

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