October 27, 2023

Food for thought: Your “mind” is as you have been creating it to be. Investing our chosen ways of being locks us into patterns of behavior and experience, and holds in place the things we are trying to override. Dex Gelfand, October 2023 ...

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The first, true priority of any healer, therapist, or counselor is to prompt, invite, encourage and support the free expression of the participant, and his or her comfort and trust in what presents within them as something to be freely expressed. The participant should never be made to feel pressure ...

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Using your eyes creates a feeling of distance, of separation. This is a form of projection and does not allow for a complete sensing of presence. Walk through a beautiful place full of life, with your eyes open, and you enjoy seeing it all and hearing it. But try being ...

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Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling

Your true inner self is too beautiful to waste your existence having it submerged beneath layers of pain, fear, inhibiting and enforcing attitude and dysfunctional defense. Come to me do the work and be free.